New Genesis: Duel Quests

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Duel Quests are high-difficulty, solo quests where you have to defeat boss enemies that have been greatly strengthened, and are recommended for players who are confident in their combat capabilities. In addition to the high boss difficulty, there are time limits in which the Duel Quest must be cleared in, or else the quest will be failed. (Update 10/11/23 increased all Duel Quests from 5 to 10 minutes, With Boost Effects from Region Mags disabled and Enemy HP has been lowered.)

Equipment affixed with the Duel Quest Augment series Defi, such as "Defi Eriss P.01", can be used to increase your potency and damage resistance in these quests. In order to fully receive the effects from the "Defi" Augment series, you must be in a Duel Quest, and you must be using a weapon equippable by your Main Class.

Duel Quests

Duel Quests
NGSUISoloParty.png Duel: Phase 1-1
NGSUISoloParty.png Duel: Phase 1-2
NGSUISoloParty.png Duel: Phase 1-3
NGSUISoloParty.png Duel: Phase 1-4
NGSUISoloParty.png Duel: Phase 2
NGSUISoloParty.png Duel: Phase 3
NGSUISoloParty.png Duel: Phase 4