Halloween Fiesta Event
Event Details
Availability October 27th, 2021 to November 23rd, 2021

Halloween Fiesta Event

A variety of Halloween-themed in-game events is here! Join in the fun and have a happy Halloween playing NGS!

There will be a spooky chill in the air in Central City as it gets decorated with pumpkins and ghosts. Enjoy this eerie and playful Central City! Mischief Symbols will also be hidden about the City, so find them all to get a special treat!

In addition to Central City, the trees in the field are taking on an eerie look! The usually lush Resol Forest will become a graveyard of dead trees. Take a wander about this bewitching version of Aelio!

Halloween Fiesta, the autumn event of 2021, is underway! Web Panel Events, where the global and Japanese players join forces, and a Screenshot Submission Campaign are among some of the festivities being held! Be sure to stop by this special site during the event period for more info.


Notable Rewards