New Genesis: A Ruins Interception

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A Ruins Interception
Quest Type Drill Quests
Battle Power Requirements
Rank 1 3,413
Average Enemy Level
Rank 1 Lv. 75
Quest Details
Location Belugana Ruins: North
Single/Multi-Party NGSUIMulti24Party.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Required Items -
Time Limit 30:00
Damage Limit None
Rank 1
First Clear Rewards
Rank 1 -


A Ruins Interception is a Limited-Time Quest in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

Quest Objective

Defeat the target enemies

Quest Description

A powerful space-time flux has been detected in the northern part of Central Belugana Ruins. Based on the size of the reading, we expect multiple Command DOLLS units to be there. We need all ARKS defenders to hurry to the designated point and defeat the enemy.

Notable Rewards

Notable Items
Sword (NGS) Weapons / Unit (NGS) Units Ability Capsule (NGS) Augments
NGS Material Icon Materials NGS Rare Drop Icon Other
Additional Information