New Genesis: Launcher Photon Arts and Actions

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New Genesis: Launcher Photon Arts
UINGSPhotonArtFallenImpact.png Fallen Impact UINGSPhotonArtFearEraser.png Fear Eraser UINGSPhotonArtMultiLaunch.png Multi-launch UINGSPhotonArtDivineImpact.png Divine Impact


The Ranger's Launcher possesses slow attacks, but provides sustainable damage at range, as it doesn't require the user to be in ideal range, and its Weapon Action, the sticky bomb, restores a large amount of PP based on how many hits you can deal to an enemy it's stuck on. Learning the active skill Launcher Attack Reinforce can increase the Launcher's Normal Attack and Sidestep Attack/Counter speed and damage, increasing its effectiveness against aggressive enemies.

The Launcher's attacks require commitment from its user due to its slow attack speed overall. Compared to the Assault Rifle, the Launcher also lacks against aggressive bosses not only due to its slow attack speed, but its lack of a strong counter attack. Though Launcher Attack Reinforce negates this downside, it has a cooldown.

Features of Launcher

Normal Attacks

Icon Stat NA1 NA2 NA3 Charged Charged Grouping
NGSUINormalAttackLauncher.png Potency 210 190 240 360 (455) 324 (410)
Potency; Reinforce 310 290 340
PP Recovery 10 10 12 15 15+5+3+2+1
(Total 26)

Fire a rocket at the enemy 3 times. Hold Normal Attack for 1 second to charge the Launcher and release to fire a spread of 5 rockets.

Normal Attacks


  • The rocket can hit multiple enemies within a very small radius.
  • The rocket will explode after hitting an enemy, obstacle, and at a set distance.
  • Due to travel time, the rocket can miss smaller enemies.


  • Number in parenthesis represents the total damage if all 5 rockets hit the same enemy.
    • Rockets can hit the same enemy multiple times, but will reduce each succeeding rocket's damage and PP recovery.

Related Skills
Launcher Charge Grouping: Tightens the spread of the rockets with a forward input but slightly reduces the rockets' power.
Launcher Attack Short Charge: Decreases charge time for the charged attack, but also reduces the power of the rockets.
Launcher Attack Reinforce: Increases the damage and speed of NAs.

Weapon Action

Icon Stat 0 hits +n hits 10 hits
NGSUIWeaponActionLauncher.png Potency 150 +(n*5) 200
PP Recovery 50 +(n*5) 100

Throw a sticky bomb onto an enemy that sticks to them for 20 seconds, with a cooldown of 60 seconds. Hitting the enemy that has the bomb attached to it will prime the bomb, which will then explode after 10 seconds. Each hit on the enemy will increase its power and PP recovery by 5, maxing out at 10 hits (+50 potency and PP recovery).

Weapon Action

  • n = number of hits, up to 10.
  • Though the bomb is a relatively fast projectile, missing the bomb will not refund the cooldown.
  • If the Launcher is multiweapon'd, you can use the other weapon to build up hits.
  • The bomb disappears if you switch to another weapon type that is not multiweapon'd with a Launcher.
  • If an enemy has a part that can broken and a sticky bomb is on it, it will stay in the air where the part break took place. It can still restore PP if it hits an enemy.

Related Skills
Sticky Bomb Quick Reload: Decreases sticky bomb cooldown from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
Sticky Bomb Advance: Provides invincibility for throwing the bomb, until the end of its animation.
Sticky Bomb Wide Range: Increases area of effect and triples the potency of the sticky bomb.

Universal Actions

Action Potency PP Recovery
Sidestep Attack, (Reinforce) 150 (180) 5
Sidestep Counter, (Reinforce) 300 (360) 15
Dash Attack 250 18
Dive Attack 200 0
  • Sidestep Attack/Counter: After a Sidestep, press Normal Attack to fire an accurate laser shot. If you dodge an enemy's attack with Sidestep, the damage is increased. Using Launcher Attack Reinforce increases the damage and speed of Sidestep Attack and Counter.
  • Dash Attack: Fire a piercing shot.
  • Dive Attack: Nearly the same across all weapons. Dive deals damage to nearby enemies and restores no PP, and is mainly used to reach the ground faster.

Photon Blast

Fire a photon-enhanced rocket that, upon contact with an enemy or obstacle, creates an expanding explosion that then causes a devastating explosion.

  • Damage is inflicted where the rocket hit the enemy, allowing it to hit weak points accurately.
  • Possesses the highest damage-per-second out of all the Photon Blasts.
  • Like all Photon Blasts, you are invincible until the end of its animation.
  • Power Notation: Deals 252% x 12 hits + 600%.

Photon Arts

Fallen Impact

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtFallenImpact.png Fallen Impact Potency 530 Launcher Photon Art.
Drop down an explosive shell in front of you.
PP 25
  • Fire a shell into the air that drops onto the marked area moments after.
    • Functions even with an object above you.
  • Can hit unintended parts of a larger enemy if targeting a lower part; if you aim for a Daityl's foot, you may hit its arm instead.
  • Effective against enemies that do not move much.
  • Can be canceled before firing the shell with Sidestep.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 12.5% x 8 hits of noted potency.

Fear Eraser

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtFearEraser.png Fear Eraser Potency 1700 Launcher Photon Art. Fire a high-powered photon laser.
By pressing and holding down the PA button, it will continue to fire until PP is depleted.
A follow-up attack will be added when used continuously for a certain amount of time.
PP 35
  • Fire a laser as long as you are holding the PA and have PP. When you let go/run out of PP after dealing 7 hits, you will fire a finishing blast.
    • Consumes 1 PP per 0.1 seconds (or 10 PP per second).
    • Hit interval is once every 0.5 seconds.
    • You will also see your character flash and make a confirming "click" sound when you can fire the finishing blast.
  • The laser can only hit an enemy once every interval, but can pierce through to hit other enemies with no damage decrease.
  • Cannot hit enemies above or below you. You can slowly turn while firing to adjust to your target.
  • Highly recommended to use when the enemy is downed.
  • Provides super armor, and autoguards from the front when firing the finishing blast.
  • Can be canceled before firing the laser with Sidestep.
  • Potency Notation: The laser deals 12.5% per hit of noted potency, and the finishing blast deals 25%.


Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtMultiLaunch.png Multi-launch Potency 1300 Launcher Photon Art.
Fires a continuous volley of explosive shells ending in a devastating blast.
Can be fired while moving or stationary.
PP 30
  • Fire accurate explosive shells and finish off with a stronger shell.
    • You can move during this PA until the final shell. If fired in the air, you will also stay in the air until the end of the PA.
  • Effective for hitting specific parts of the enemy or a moving enemy; the shells will track to hit them.
  • Can collide with "hard" objects (like walls). The final shell is slightly slower than the rest of the shells, so it may miss faster enemies.
  • Provides invincibility when firing the final shell, and autoguards from the front afterwards until the end of the PA.
  • Can be canceled after firing the first shell and before the final shell with Sidestep.
  • Potency Notation: Shells deal 8% x 8 hits of noted potency, and the final shell deals 36%.

Divine Impact

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtDivineImpact.png Divine Impact Potency 700 Launcher Photon Art. Fires a blast in front of you.
The recoil causes you to move back. Charging it will launch a powerful grenade instead.
PP 28
  • When uncharged, fire a blast in front of you, causing you to recoil. When charged for 1 second, fire a grenade that explodes in a large radius that also causes you to recoil.
    • Can launch smaller enemies into the air.
  • The charged grenade can collide with "hard" objects (like walls).
  • Most effective against groups of enemies when charged.
  • Briefly autoguards from the front when releasing the attack either uncharged or charged.
  • Can be canceled while charging with Sidestep.
  • Potency Notation: When uncharged, deals 45% of noted potency, and when charged, the explosion deals 100%.


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