New Genesis: Assault Rifle Photon Arts and Actions

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New Genesis: Assault Rifle Photon Arts
UINGSPhotonArtRazingShot.png Razing Shot UINGSPhotonArtHomingDarts.png Homing Darts UINGSPhotonArtBlazeShot.png Blaze Shot UINGSPhotonArtRevoltAim.png Revolt Aim


The Ranger's and the Gunner's Assault Rifle possesses accurate attacks, and deals increased damage at close to mid range (1.1x and 1.2x damage respectively, signified by an orange reticle in target at mid range), compared to other ideal range weapons like Twin Machine Guns or Wired Lance. As a result, it provides a good amount of safety to its user as they would fight at range, in addition to having an evasive slide as its Weapon Action. Learning Rifle Grenadier allows you to throw powerful grenades and place down mines after using the Weapon Action.

The Assault Rifle's PAs tend to require commitment from its user, as most of them cannot be canceled once they are fired. Users must also keep in mind the range they are fighting at to ensure they are dealing competitive damage.

Gunner tends to use an Assault Rifle as a secondary weapon to attack with Spread Shot and the Weapon Action's grenade/mine.

Features of Assault Rifle

Normal Attacks

Icon Stat NA
NGSUINormalAttackAssaultRifle.png Potency 27 x 3
PP Recovery 2 x 3

Fire a 3-round burst with the Assault Rifle. Hold Normal Attack to keep firing.

Normal Attacks

  • Can be canceled with Sidestep.

Rifle Attack Impact

  • Stocks 60 rounds into the Assault Rifle that increases NA potency to 60 x 3, greatly improving its effectiveness.
  • Effective filler attack as NAs have a relatively fast animation.
  • Shows current amount left at the bottom left of the Normal Attack icon.

Related Skills
Slow Landing Attack-Ranger: Allows you to slowly fall while firing.
Slow Landing Attack-Gunner: Same benefit as the Ranger's skill.
Rifle Attack Impact: Use PAs to build up a gauge; once full, press Normal Attack to stock 60 rounds into the Assault Rifle with increased NA potency.

Weapon Action

Icon Stat Slide Shot Grenade Mine
NGSUIWeaponActionAssaultRifle.png Potency 25 x 4 500 760
PP Recovery 2 x 4 22 22

Fire a 4-round burst while performing an evasive slide.

Weapon Action

  • You will be briefly invincible when pressing the Weapon Action, but not for the entire slide animation.

Rifle Grenadier

  • Hold the Weapon Action input to perform an additional attack based on movement input: with movement, grenade, with none, mine. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds, and indicates when it's finished with a blue circle around your character. Not affected by ideal range.
  • Grenade: fire a slow moving grenade towards the enemy. Small explosion radius.
  • Mine: place a floating mine where you are standing. Creates a grid sphere around it indicating its activation and explosion range. Explodes a second after an enemy steps into it.

Slide Shot Advanced and Rifle Grenadier Advanced

  • Provides invincibility for the entire slide animation, and invincibility while using a grenade or mine, respectively.
  • With these skills combined, you can chain grenade/mine attacks and evasions, providing safety and constant damage. This is most apparent on faster enemies like Bujin or Engouku.

Related Skills
Rifle Grenadier: Allows the use of grenades/mines by holding down the Weapon Action.
Rifle Grenadier Quick Reload: Reduces the cooldown time of grenades/mines every time you dodge an attack with Weapon Action.
Slide Shot Advanced: Provides invincibility for the slide animation.
Rifle Grenadier Advanced: Provides additional invincibility when using grenades/mines.

Universal Actions

Action Potency PP Recovery
Sidestep Attack 135 6
Sidestep Counter 300 8
Dash Attack 250 18
Dive Attack 200 0
  • Sidestep Attack/Counter: After a Sidestep, press Normal Attack to fire a explosive shot that has a small radius. If you dodge an enemy's attack with Sidestep, the damage is increased.
  • Dash Attack: Fire a piercing shot. Not affected by ideal range.
  • Dive Attack: Nearly the same across all weapons. Dive deals damage to nearby enemies and restores no PP, and is mainly used to reach the ground faster. Not affected by ideal range.

Photon Blast

Call down an aerial strike of photons to devastate enemies within a large area.

  • Unlike other Photon Blasts, this attack hits from the top-down. This makes it difficult to attack certain parts of an enemy, like the weak points of Nex, Fortos, or Daityl.
    • As a result, this Photon Blast is most effective in a mobbing situation.
  • Like all Photon Blasts, you are invincible during its animation.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 156% x 25 hits.

Photon Arts

Razing Shot

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtRazingShot.png Razing Shot Potency 190 Assault Rifle Photon Art.
Fire shells that explode on impact with the enemy.
The shells spiral and penetrate targets by charging.
PP 16
  • Shoot two explosive shells uncharged, and a piercing explosive shell charged.
  • Piercing shell decreases in damage the more it pierces a single enemy and explodes for every pierce. Has slower projectile speed compared to uncharged.
    • Most effective to use uncharged on lighter enemies (Bujin, Kelkundo, Ams Kvaris, etc.), and charged on heavier enemies (Daityl-types, Crocodylis, Doldoris, etc.). More specifically, charged is better than uncharged if you can pierce an enemy three or more times.
  • You can walk and jump while using this PA.
  • Can be canceled while charging with Sidestep or Weapon Action.
  • Potency Notation: When uncharged, each shell deals 70% + 3% (explosion) of noted potency, and when charged, the first pierce is 97% + 3%, second 50% + 3%, third 36% + 3%, fourth 24% + 3%, and fifth onwards 3% + 3%.

Homing Darts

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtHomingDarts.png Homing Darts Potency 360 Assault Rifle Photon Art.
Fire special bullets that track multiple enemies in your field of view by charging.
PP 24
  • Fire bullets that track and home in on enemies in your view.
    • Targets up to 10 enemies.
  • Most effective against groups of enemies. Without lock-on, you can spin around to target enemies.
  • Can be used against larger enemies with more hitboxes, but decreases in damage for each bullet that lands on said enemy.
  • Other enemies can block bullets meant for targeted enemies.
  • You can move and jump while tracking enemies, and you will move in the direction you are inputting after firing the bullets.
  • Can be canceled when targeting enemies with Sidestep or Weapon Action.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 100% of noted potency per enemy. If the bullets home on one single enemy, damage decreases by roughly x0.4 per bullet (100%, 20%, 13%, 5%, 2% for any additional hit).

Blaze Shot

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtBlazeShot.png Blaze Shot Potency 310 Assault Rifle Photon Art.
Fire high-speed volley after a dodge.
By pressing and holding down on the PA button,
it will continue to fire until PP is depleted.
PP 20
  • Perform a dodge and hold the PA button to continuously shoot the enemy while hovering across the ground until you release the PA or run out of PP, then shoot a strong bullet.
  • The strong bullet makes up much of the damage this PA deals.
  • While holding the PA button down, you can move freely, and if used in the air you will slowly descend.
  • The maximum upward angle you can aim and shoot while using this PA is quite limited.
  • Provides invincibility at the start of the dodge to when you point the rifle at the enemy, and also at the end of the PA.
  • Potency Notation: Each bullet deals 10% of noted potency, while the strong bullet deals 110%.

Revolt Aim

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtRevoltAim.png Revolt Aim Potency 700 Assault Rifle Photon Art.
Powerfully bombard a location.
The location will be displayed while pressing and holding the button.
Release to launch the attack.
PP 25
  • Shoot bullets that explode at a certain distance and in a small radius. Holding the PA button shows you the distance and radius.
    • The distance is adjusted in a way that allows for ideal range.
  • Most effective to use against downed enemies, and against enemies where Razing Shot does not pierce more than three times. Revolt Aim's small radius can also precisely hit weak points.
  • Will fail to fire if there is a "hard" obstacle (like walls) in the way.
  • You can move and jump while holding the PA button, but you will stay in place while shooting the bullets.
  • Can be canceled while holding the PA button or before firing the bullets with Sidestep or Weapon Action.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 20% x 5 hits of noted potency.


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