New Genesis: Partisan Photon Arts and Actions

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New Genesis: Partisan Photon Arts
UINGSPhotonArtCleavingScythe.png Cleaving Scythe UINGSPhotonArtThrustingJavelin.png Thrusting Javelin UINGSPhotonArtFatalTornado.png Fatal Tornado UINGSPhotonArtTriumphantShift.png Triumphant Shift


The Hunter's Partisan deals higher damage overall than the Sword or Wired Lance, and can hit in a wider range than the Sword. However, the Partisan requires you to be more careful due to its longer attack animations. Though it can still guard with its Weapon Action, it does not have an additional counter to it like Sword, and canceling a PA mainly requires Sidestep.

With Hunter Arts Avenger and its related skills learned, PAs can deal 1.5x damage, restore 10 PP, and grant invincibility (that can be further extended) by releasing the PA right before an enemy attacks.
For a Partisan Hunter, it is recommended to take advantage of Avenger not only for damage, but for invincibility to prevent you from getting hit out of your PAs.

Features of Partisan

Normal Attacks

Icon Stat NA1 NA2 NA3 NA4
NGSUINormalAttackPartisan.png Potency 95 x 2 75 x 3 135 x 3 510
PP Recovery 5 x 2 4 x 3 9 x 3 18

Swing the Partisan to hit enemies in front of you. Partisan Attack Extra adds the 4th NA. Same Arts Skip Attack - Hunter and Another Arts Skip Attack - Hunter allows you to skip to the 3rd and 4th NAs, respectively.

Normal Attacks

  • NA4 autoguards from all directions until the end of its animation.
  • All NAs can be canceled with Sidestep or Weapon Action. NA4 cannot be canceled once the slash is performed.

Related Skills
Partisan Attack Extra
Same Arts Skip Attack - Hunter
Another Arts Skip Attack - Hunter

Weapon Action

Icon Stat Assault Charge (Uncharged) Assault Charge (Charged) Partisan Quick Assault
NGSUIWeaponActionPartisan.png Potency 131 525 400
PP 10 10 10

Guard in front of you with the Partisan with a spin. You can completely negate attacks (excluding grabs and certain attacks) if you guard before an attack hits you. Omnidirectional Guard allows you to guard from all directions. Specific skills in the Hunter tree unlock additional moves that can be used with the Weapon Action.


  • Can be used by holding the Weapon Action input after performing a guard. Explodes after accumulating damage from your Partisan; damage dealt is your base attack power x 1.5. Has a cooldown of 60 seconds after hitting an enemy, indicated with a blue glow around your character when the cooldown is finished, as well as a small icon above the subpalette. Learning Volkraptor Short Cooldown decreases its cooldown by 15 seconds (up to 3 times per use/45 seconds total reduction) upon a successful guard.
    • Ignores enemy defense, making Volkraptor most effective against enemies that are a higher level than you. This may require more damage build-up to certain higher level enemies (like Gigantix).
    • Contributes a fixed but significant amount of Physical Down accumulation to the enemy. Highly recommended to place on a part of the enemy that contributes to Physical Down (indicated by yellow hits on enemy).
    • Disappears after 10 seconds if there is no accumulation on the enemy. Will explode after 15 seconds if there is any amount of accumulation.
    • Will float if Volkraptor is on a part that was broken. Volkraptor can still deal damage this way as long as it hits an enemy.

Assault Charge

  • Can be used by pressing or holding Weapon Action input after a PA, or after certain parts of a PA. Uncharged performs a gap-closing thrust, while charged (0.75 seconds charge) performs a thrust with higher damage. Learning Assault Charge Avenger increases its damage by 1.5x after an Avenger'd PA. Does stack with Partisan Parry Alternate Assault, which increases its damage by 2.5x after a successful guard, resulting a combined damage increase by 3.75x.
    • Stops at a certain distance when locked on to an enemy's part. You can go through enemies if you lock onto a point on their back.
    • Grants super armor when using Assault Charge after an Avenger'd PA.
    • Both uncharged and charged thrusts autoguards from the front during Assault Charge's attack animation.
    • Can be canceled with Sidestep during the charge.
    • Potency Notation: If uncharged, deals 25% of noted potency. If charged, deals 33.4% x 3 hits.

Partisan Quick Assault

  • Can be used by pressing the Weapon Action input after a Sidestep Attack/Counter, Assault Charge, or Photon Blast. Performs a teleport followed up with a quick downward slash. Indicates when you can perform it by a purple flash on your character.
    • Effective for reaching enemies above you, but can be used to gap close as well.
    • Provides invincibility until the end of its animation.

Related Skills
Omnidirectional Guard
Volkraptor Short Cooldown
Assault Charge
Assault Charge Avenger
Partisan Parry Alternate Assault
Partisan Quick Assault

Universal Actions

Action Potency PP Recovery
Sidestep Attack 170 5.5
Sidestep Counter 520 16
Dash Attack 280 15
Dive Attack, (High Dive) 200 (270) 0
  • Sidestep Attack/Counter: After a Sidestep, press Normal Attack to perform a diagonal slash. If you dodge an enemy's attack with Sidestep, the damage is increased.
  • Dash Attack: Swing the Partisan in front of you.
  • Dive Attack: Nearly the same across all weapons. Dive deals damage to nearby enemies and restores no PP, and is mainly used to reach the ground faster. Damage increases when diving from a high height (roughly two Photon Dash jumps).

Photon Blast

Enhance your Partisan with photons to perform 3 slashes, then charge up to perform a devastating thrust that creates shockwaves.

  • The Photon Blast hits slightly in front of you, so it is recommended you space yourself (roughly a Step) from the enemy before performing it.
  • The thrust will make you go through the enemy. As a result, the shockwaves may not hit where you want it to.
  • Displaces you somewhat after the thrust, roughly the distance of an uncharged Assault Charge. Using Partisan Quick Assault after the Photon Blast can help return you to your original position.
  • Like all Photon Blasts, you are invincible until the end of its animation.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 360% x 3 hits (slashes), 2400% (thrust), then 600% x 5 hits (shockwaves).

Photon Arts

Cleaving Scythe

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtCleavingScythe.png Cleaving Scythe Potency 1010 Partisan Photon Art.
Quickly mows down enemies in front of you.
Charge to launch an alternate attack.
PP 26
  • Perform a wide slash in front of you uncharged, and an additional, delayed slash if charged for 0.7 seconds.
    • Moves you forward roughly a Sidestep upon using the PA.
    • The delayed slash can launch smaller enemies.
  • Though a PP drain, you can use uncharged Cleaving Scythe followed up with an Assault Charge to move faster than Photon Dash if you are targeting an enemy.
  • When charged, you can cancel the additional slash with Sidestep or Assault Charge before your character turns around.
  • Potency Notation: If uncharged, the slash deals 22% of noted potency. If charged, the slash deals 60%, and the delayed slash 40%.

Thrusting Javelin

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtThrustingJavelin.png Thrusting Javelin Potency 800 Partisan Photon Art.
Launch the weapon at a target after a thrust.
Press and hold the PA button to thrust until your PP is depleted and throw.
PP 25
  • Thrust then throw your Partisan at the enemy. Holding the PA button will continuously use PP and allow you to continue thrusting until you are out. You will attack faster on the 6th thrust.
    • -PP consumption only reduces the initial PA use, and not any additional thrusts.
  • Attacks the enemy in front of you despite the animation thrusting to the left and right.
  • The thrown Partisan is slow, but can be thrown upward or downward with lock-on.
  • Without lock-on, you can turn during the PA.
  • Potency Notation: Each thrust deals 10% each of noted potency, while the thrown Partisan deals 50%.

Fatal Tornado

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtFatalTornado.png Fatal Tornado Potency 1230 Partisan Photon Art.
Attack the surrounding enemies by spinning the weapon.
Charge to launch an alternate attack.
PP 20
  • Performs 2 spins uncharged, and a spin followed by 2 slashes if charged for 0.7 seconds. Charged increases damage.
  • After each spin, you will move forward even without input, and diagonally to the left or right if their respective inputs are held during the PA. You can also briefly move in any direction before the first slash when charged.
    • If you are colliding with the enemy, you will not move forward, but you can still move to the left or right.
  • Without Hunter Arts Parry Advanced, you are vulnerable near the end of the PA if charged.
  • Can be canceled after a spin, and before and after the first slash if charged with Sidestep.
  • Potency Notation: If uncharged, deals 13.5% x 4 of noted potency. If charged, deals 12% x 4 for the spin, 27% for the first slash, and 25% for the second slash.

Triumphant Shift

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtTriumphantShift.png Triumphant Shift Potency 900 Partisan Photon Art.
Repeats a combo of striking into the air, a stab, and a cleave.
PP 22
  • Performs three slashes, a stab, then a retreating cleave.
    • The slashes can launch smaller enemies.
  • When using the PA with a target, you will ascend during the slashes until you are slightly above your target. You can also retreat to the left or right before the cleave; the retreat will also raise you slightly.
  • Can be canceled before the stab or cleave with Sidestep, Assault Charge, or PA.
  • Potency Notation: The slashes deals 10% x 3 of noted potency, 30% for the stab, and 40% for the cleave.


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