Trick or Treat!

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Trick or Treat!
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Normal Level 20 and up
Hard Level 40 and up
Very Hard Level 55 and up
Super Hard Level 70 and up
Extremely Hard Level 80 and up
Quest Details
Location Lillipa
Single/Multi-Party UIMulti8Party.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Normal No Level Restrictions
Hard Main Class Level 20 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Very Hard Main Class Level 40 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Super Hard Main Class Level 50 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 75 and up, Sub Class Level 75 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit 00:30:00
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Get to the final area!

Quest Description

This is an urgent message for all ARKS operatives. Falspawn and automata have been spotted at the Halloween Venue on planet Lillipa. All available ARKS personnel should deploy immediately and ensure the safety of the venue using the offensive weapons already delivered on site.

You will fail this quest if you exceed the time limit.


Tainted Automata
Tainted Falspawn
Special Enemies

Additional Info

  • Based on the 2018 incarnation of the Trick or Treat! Seasonal Quest from the Japanese version.

PSE Costume Bonus

Seasonal Urgent Quests come with a bonus PSE Costume Bonus if participants wear outfits matching the season.

Costume List
Unisex Male Outfits Male Layered Wear Female Outfits Female Layered Wear
Costume Rappy Suit
Costume Rappy Suit: White
Costume Rappy Suit: Blue
Costume Rappy Suit: Green
Costume Rappy Suit: Pink
Costume Rappy Suit: Black
Costume Rappy Suit: Red
Costume Rappy Suit: Purple
Costume Rappy Suit: Love
Costume Rappy Suit: Lovey
Costume Rappy Suit: Lantern
Costume Rappy Suit: Mecha
Costume Rappy Suit: Mecha Red
Costume Rappy Suit: Knight
Costume Rappy Suit: King
Costume Rappy Suit: Queen
Costume Rappy Suit Mini
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: Blue
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: Green
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: Pink
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: Black
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: Red
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: Navy
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: Orange
Costume Rappy Suit Mini: ARKS
Costume Horror Lilipan Suit
Costume Skeleton Form
Costume Count's Vestment Costume Froid Gallows M [Ou]
Costume The Mad Tailor [Ou]
Costume Restrained Requiem [Ou]
Costume Hermedio Cloak M [Ou]
Costume Tylor Replica M [Ou]
Costume Schreger Armor [Ou]
Costume L'eau D'Fungus [Ou]
Costume Froid Gallows M [Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows M:Snow [Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows M:Ruby [Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows M:Night [Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows M: Grace [Ba]
Costume The Mad Tailor [Ba]
Costume The Mad Tailor: Sea [Ba]
Costume The Mad Tailor: Snow [Ba]
Costume The Mad Tailor: Shadow [Ba]
Costume Restrained Requiem [Ba]
Costume Restrained Requiem: Shadow [Ba]
Costume Restrained Requiem: Night [Ba]
Costume Restrained Requiem: Grace [Ba]
Costume Restrained Requiem: Ruby [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Fungus [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Fungus: Shadow [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Fungus: Ruby [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Fungus: Steel [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Fungus: Hazel [Ba]
Costume Wondrous Treat
Costume Lorette Beldia
Costume Lorette Beldia: Shadow
Costume Lorette Beldia: Enigma
Costume Lorette Beldia: Winter
Costume Froid Gallows F [Ou]
Costume Merlett Carina [Ou]
Costume Libre Girl [Ou]
Costume Prowler Ensemble [Ou]
Costume Nocturnal Mists [Ou]
Costume Hermedio Cloak F [Ou]
Costume Tylor Replica F [Ou]
Costume Frolicking Popsy [Ou]
Costume Stella Ardor [Ou]
Costume L'eau D'Clope [Ou]
Costume Froid Gallows F [ Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows F: Snow [Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows F: Ruby [Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows F: Night [Ba]
Costume Froid Gallows F: Grace [Ba]
Costume Merlett Carina [Ba]
Costume Merlett Carina: Sea [Ba]
Costume Merlett Carina: Ruby [Ba]
Costume Merlett Carina: Snow [Ba]
Costume Merlett Carina: Shadow [Ba]
Costume Libre Girl [Ba]
Costume Libre Girl: Sky [Ba]
Costume Libre Girl: Sakura [Ba]
Costume Libre Girl: Sage [Ba]
Costume Prowler Ensemble [Ba]
Costume Prowler Ensemble: Snow [Ba]
Costume Prowler Ensemble: Steel [Ba]
Costume Prowler Ensemble: Grace [Ba]
Costume Prowler Ensemble: Moon [Ba]
Costume Nocturnal Mists [Ba]
Costume Nocturnal Mists: Snow [Ba]
Costume Nocturnal Mists: Shadow [Ba]
Costume Nocturnal Mists: Ruby [Ba]
Costume Duskwake Regalia [Ba]
Costume Duskwake Regalia: Snow [Ba]
Costume Duskwake Regalia: Night [Ba]
Costume Duskwake Regalia: Shadow [Ba]
Costume Duskwake Regalia: Sea [Ba]
Costume Duskwake Regalia: Ruby [Ba]
Costume Frolicking Popsy [Ba]
Costume Frolicking Popsy: Ruby [Ba]
Costume Frolicking Popsy: Sakura [Ba]
Costume Frolicking Popsy: Shadow [Ba]
Costume Stellar Ardor [Ba]
Costume Stellar Ardor: Grace [Ba]
Costume Stellar Ardor: Shadow [Ba]
Costume Stellar Ardor: Night [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Clope [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Clope: Night [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Clope: Shadow [Ba]
Costume L'eau D'Clope: Hazel [Ba]
Costume L 'eau D'Clope: Snow [Ba]

Drop List

Type Items Notes
Weapons 14 Ares Series Extremely Hard
Tainted Enemy Drop
14 Wired Lance Cuvele Glitter
14 Knuckles Powerful Blow
14 Bow Radius Arka
14 Rod Cuvele Neigea
14 Wand Uranusala
Extremely Hard (Quest Drop)
Eggs 14 Egg Wanda
14 Egg Trim
14 Egg Sally
14 Egg Marron
14 Egg Melon
Extremely Hard (Quest Drop)
All Classes
Sweets 14 Sweets Exquisite Spicy Parfait Extremely Hard (Quest Drop)
Other 13 Rappy Suit Mini: Orange
S-Grade Augments S Grade Augment 1 S1:Augmented Lifeboon
S Grade Augment 1 S1:Skillful Adept
S Grade Augment 1 S1:Perfectchain Will
S Grade Augment 1 S1:Goliathslayer's Will
S Grade Augment 2 S2:Dynamo Dance
S Grade Augment 2 S2:Luminous Adaptation
S Grade Augment 2 S2:Petalsea Adept
S Grade Augment 2 S2:Will of the Petalsea
S Grade Augment 3 S3:Photon Descent
S Grade Augment 3 S3:Luminous Petalsea
S Grade Augment 3 S3:Will of the Moonleaf
S Grade Augment 3 S3:Moonleaf Descent
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