Deus Esca, Singer of Genesis
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Extremely Hard Level 80 and up
Quest Details
Location Earth
Single/Multi-Party UISingleParty.png Single-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 80 and Sub Class Level 80 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit 01:00:00
Damage Limit 999,999
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Defeat Deus Eska!

Quest Description

We have confirmed readings corresponding to a powerful phantasm originating in the Pacific Ocean on Earth. The signal is massive and this mission will be highly dangerous, so only well-trained ARKS members are permitted to engage.

You will fail this quest if you fail to fulfill your mission objectives or you exceed the time limit.


Additional Info

  • This version skips the climbing of the World Tree and the two encounters with Deus Hyunas.
  • The last phase of the battle has a time-limit of five minutes where the party must finish off Deus Esca Gracia. It's recommended to take several attack buffs before entering the Urgent Quest, such as an Alliance Tree Attack Up, an Attack Up Drink from the Gateway Ship, and to regularly have Shifta buffs, since Deus isn't always exposed during the last part of the fight.
  • After Deus Esca splits the stage into two, players on the left and right side can independantly defeat the dragon heads and open a path to Deus Esca, and after dealing enough damage, will be launched to aid the other side. Should both sides have the path opened in the same period, the time remaining to attack the boss is merged with the other side, and will skip launching players launching to the other side.
  • When Deus Esca clenches his fists in an in-game cutscene, all players are moved (dragged on the mini-map) to a central platform, and the two sides they were on previously are removed. During this, players cannot move or use any abilities until the movement code has completed.
  • At the end of the Urgent Quest, the party end up on Easter Island.
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