Abduction Quest
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Very Hard Level ?? and up
Super Hard Level 70 and up
Extremely Hard Level 75 and up
Quest Details
Location  ?????? Falspawn Den
Single/Multi-Party UISingleParty.png Single-Party Quests
Party Invitation Not Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Very Hard Before starting a VH Time Attack.
Super Hard Before starting a SH Time Attack.
Extremely Hard Before starting a XH Time Attack.
Time Limit 00:60:00
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Abductions are a rare kind of quest that can occur just before starting a Time Attack quest. Unlike any other type of quest in the game, it cannot be selected from the Quest Counter, but rather, one must be abducted by a Falspawn attack within the Gateway Ship.


As a rarely explored quest nowadays (especially in Global which gave it no official announcement), the conditions to access the mode have been covered in speculation for years. As a result, this page will only document the most basic of requirements, attempting to avoid speculation as much as possible.

To access an Abduction Quest, a party must play Time Attack. The same party must complete in succession time attacks over and over within the same block, which seems to increase the odds. At the start of each Time Attack, there is a chance an Abduction can occur after the countdown ends, replacing the Time Attack quest that was originally accepted.

A party can change the Time Attack quest they play so long as they remain within the same block, allowing a party to play on SH to speed up the grind, and then jumping onto an XH TA at a later point to have a chance at playing an Abduction Quest on XH.

If a party wants to try, they can perform resetting, which involves opening the gate to the Time Attack but not jumping in, and instead re-accepting a Time Attack Quest within the same block. However, repeat resets seem to decrease the odds, so it's recommended to complete Time Attacks again should there be no Abduction after a few resets.

Accessing abductions, however tedious it may be, is still heavily dependent on luck. Some players can access it after no TAs in succession, while others can take many, many more attempts. There seems to be better luck for people attempting it solo.

Falspawn Den

Abductions send the party to the Falspawn Den. This version of the Falspawn Den is different to the Cradle of Darkness urgent quest in layout and structure. The map layout and events will always remain the same between runs and is not randomly generated. The area is large compared to other areas of the game, especially with areas being blocked off until all foes have been eliminated and the multitude of events and boss encounters.

Upon entry to the Falspawn Den, all NPC Allies will be removed from the party, including Auxiliaries. Only human players will be able to access this quest. The party will be unable to access the Gateway Ship for the duration of the quest and dying will instead give the option to abandon quest.

Enemies only spawn once per area block like in Advance Quests.

Rare variants of common Falspawn appear at a much more frequent rate.


Compared to other versions of the Falspawn Den, the Abduction version has notably more areas filled with the damaging red liquid, with some blocks having little to no safe ground to stand on. Many of the forced boss encounters will often close to large pools of the liquid.

A notable area where no Falspawn spawn is in the second area in the south east: a massive area with only two containers, initially blocked off.

Corrupted Containers

In certain areas, mostly dead ends, a group of containers which appear normal from afar turn out to be corrupted containers. Upon proximity to a player, the container reveals a red coat around it. Not all containers in the Falspawn Den are corrupted, however.

The coat can be attacked, which will destroy the corruption and transform it back into a standard container which can be opened as usual. If the coat remains on the container for a few seconds, the entire box will detonate and deal strong damage to anyone close by, also destroying all the items the container would have held.


When reaching the Boss, you'll be confronted with Falz Hyunal, and a clone of each party member in the party. Just like Emergency Code, these clones have a chance at dropping an item with a Affix Modulator affix.


Area 1 Area 2 Area 3


Defeating Falz Hyunal and the clones at the end of the abduction will reward all participants with some unique prizes exclusive to Abductions. Repeat completion will also grant unique titles regarding Abductions (hidden from the Title Counter until you've participated in at least one abduction, with XH titles being hidden until you've completed on XH Abduction).

Requirement Prize
SH Clear Reward (Repeatable) Back Unit Back / Boost Aura (with Affix Veteran's Resolve I)
XH Clear Reward (Repeatable) Sub Unit Sub / Photon Barrier (with Affix Veteran's Resolve III)
1st Clear Furniture Escape Trophy I: Bronze
3rd Clear Furniture Escape Trophy I: Silver
5th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy I: Gold
10th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy II: Bronze
15th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy II: Silver
20th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy II: Gold
30th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy III: Bronze
35th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy III: Silver
40th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy III: Gold
50th Clear Furniture Escape Trophy IV
1st Clear (XH) Sub Unit Sub / Photon Barrier
5th Clear (XH) Sub Unit Sub / Photon Barrier
10th Clear (XH) Furniture Escape Trophy V


Additional Info

  • Upon completing the quest and returning to the Gateway Ship, a barrier will block returning to the quest maps, so be sure to pick up any dropped rewards before taking the teleporter.
  • There seems to be a weather system exclusive to this version of the Falspawn Den, with one of them being dark electric energy surging across the field. PSE builds up faster during weather. It is common to trigger at least one PSE Burst over the course of an Abduction.
  • Despite being a den of Falspawn, Toy Falspawn do not spawn within an Abduction.
  • Since ARKS cannot communicate properly to your party, all Emergencies do not have an operator to announce the issue at hand and will immediately show the Emergency Code symbols on screen instead.
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