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General Information

Augment Factors are a special Affixing mechanic for Weapons. By enhancing a Weapon to its maximum Overgrind Limit (+35), the weapon's Augment Factor is unlocked. By then affixing the Weapon or using the Weapon as a component in Affixing, the Augment Factor can be Affixed to itself/a target weapon with a 100% base rate, even if the Augment isn't normally transferable.

Mechanics and Behavior

  • Augment Factors are unlocked by grinding a Weapon to +35; different Weapons or Weapon series have different Augment Factors.
  • The Augment Factor Weapon must have the same or higher number of Augments as the base in order for it to be used as a component.
  • Augment Factors are still affected by the Extra Slot penalty.
  • The Augment Factor can be affixed as many times as desired as long as the Weapon is intact.
  • When applying an Augment Factor, the Augment Factor's Augment does not interact with pre-existing Abilities. For example, a weapon affixed with Precision III would not be able to synthesize Precision IV with a Precision III Augment Factor unless the Augment Factor is affixed first.
  • Augment Factors function as normal Augments once affixed and follow their normal rules.
  • An Augment Factor can't be affixed if another Augment Factor in the process shares the same Augment slot as it.

List of Augment Factors

Stat Boost

Name Effects Weapon Sources
Augment Factor Might III MEL Pwr +30

Sword 7 Last Survivor, Red Sword, 8 Lambda Aristene, 10 Deo Ardillo
Wired Lance 7 Daylight Scar, Red Wired Lance, 8 Lambda Hyperion, 10 Deo Jagriath
Partisan 7 Knight Lancer, Red Partisan, 8 Lambda Patilmeria, 10 Deo Reisenoch
Daggers 7 Cross Scar, Red Twin Daggers, 8 Lambda Religio
Double Saber 7 D Saber Legacy, Red Double Saber, 8 Lambda Helfret
Knuckles 7 Lionheart Knuckles, Red Knuckles, 8 Lambda Aevinds
Katana 7 Lacrucio, Red Katana, 8 Lambda Roundeit
Soaring Blades 7 Soaring Blades: Red, 8 Serravan, Lambda Lextear
Bow 7 Red Photon Bow, 8 Lambda Turbulas

Augment Factor Might IV MEL Pwr +35

Sword 12 Sigma Zeredder, Nox Kvelle
Wired Lance 12 Sigma Gyler, Nox Jirac
Partisan 12 Sigma Xiaolo, Nox Rozan
Daggers 12 Sigma Janga
Double Saber 12 Sigma Izanto
Knuckles 12 Sigma Gowanga
Katana 12 Orochi Agito, Sigma Seigan
Soaring Blades 12 Sigma Turin, Twin Orochi
Bow 12 Sigma Branch

Augment Factor Might V MEL Pwr +40 Sword 13 Autumn Princess

Double Saber 13 Sieger Blade, Twin Lotus
Wired Lance 13 Sieger Shield, Storm Demon
Partisan 13 Sieger Javelin,Autumn Slasher
Daggers 13 Autumn Gold
Knuckles 13 Lion Bite
Katana 13 Petal Rain
Soaring Blades 13 Falling Autumn Water
Bow 13 Sieger Archer

Augment Factor Might VI MEL Pwr +45 Sword 13 Siegkaiser Sword

Double Saber 13 Siegkaiser Blade
Wired Lance 13 Siegkaiser Shield
Partisan 13 Siegkaiser Javelin
Daggers 13 S. CN Arbor Stag
Knuckles 13 Glycine Vidiya
Katana 13 HFB Whirlwind Letz
Soaring Blades 13 S. CN Arbor Mantis

Augment Factor Precision III RNG Pwr +30 Gunblade 7 Rey Duple, Red Gunblade, 8 Lambda Twissler

Rifle 7 Yasminokov 3R, Red Rifle, 8 Lambda Schwann, 10 Deo Tigridore
Launcher 7 Tal Rappy Cannon, Shot Legacy, Red Launcher, 8 Lambda Adrastea, 10 Deo Ridoltiv
Twin Machineguns 7 H&S 25 Justice, Red Machine Guns, 8 Lambda Sarcueid, 10 Deo Radiegle
Bow 7 Longbow

Augment Factor Precision IV RNG Pwr +35 Gunblade 12 Sigma Jienza

Rifle 12 Sigma Fagan, Nox Steyr, Elder Rifle
Launcher 12 Sigma Bastad, Nox Crahd
Twin Machineguns 12 Sigma Phase, Nox Chario

Augment Factor Precision V RNG Pwr +40 13 Gunblade Mercenary Schwarz, Chuushuumaru

13 Soaring Blades S. CN Mantis
13 Rifle Valkyrie A30, Kouregi Barrel
13 Launcher Ikariboshi Cannon
13 Twin Machineguns Unknown Mars
13 Bow Tenga Ichii

Augment Factor Precision VI RNG Pwr +45 13 Gunblade Mercenary Star Rod

13 Rifle Valkyrie A30S
13 Launcher Siegkaiser Launcher
13 Twin Machineguns Valkyrie R25S
13 Bow Siegkaiser Archer

Augment Factor Casting III TEC Pwr +30 7 Rod Strike Broom
7 Rod Red Rod
8 Rod Lambda Salvador
10 Rod Deo Garland
7 Talis Hitogata
7 Talis Red Talis
7 Talis Rappy Fan Fan
8 Talis Lambda Hard Quartz
10 Talis Deo Visburn
7 Wand Zumiuran Staff
7 Wand Red Wand
8 Wand Lambda Hexigraph
10 Wand Deo Crestigar
7 Jet Boots Red Jet Boots
8 Jet Boots Lambda Arestice
8 Jet Boots Grevan
Augment Factor Casting IV TEC Pwr +35 12 Rod Sigma Farcy
12 Rod Nox Lipher
12 Rod Psycho Wand
12 Talis Sigma Theaile
12 Talis Nox Krieg
12 Talis Gal Wind
12 Wand Sigma Jeine
12 Wand Nox Kuklos
12 Jet Boots Sigma Thullen
Augment Factor Casting V TEC Pwr +40 13 Knuckles Quotz Vidiya

13 Rod Quotz Laura, Love Phoenix
13 Wand Moonless Sky Purity Seals
13 Talis Mourning Wort
13 Jet Boots Autumn Breeze

Augment Factor Casting VI TEC Pwr +45 13 Rod Glycine Laura

13 Wand Glycine Kane
13 Talis Glycine Lithos
13 Jet Boots Glycine Aquila
14Rod Dim Rod

Augment Factor Deftness III DEX +30 10 Daggers Deo Lexaga
10 Gunblade Deo Jareid
Augment Factor Deftness IV DEX +35 12 Daggers Nox Nesis
12 Gunblade Nox Stucke
Augment Factor Toughness III MEL Def +30 1 2 3 Sword Wired Lance Partisan Knuckles Katana Soaring Blades
Augment Factor Reflex III RNG Def +30 1 2 3 Daggers Gunblade Rifle Launcher Twin Machineguns Bow
Augment Factor Genius III TEC Def +30 1 2 3 Double Saber Rod Wand Talis Jet Boots
Augment Factor Mastery III All +15 10 Sword Flamme Brand
11 Sword Sharp Cycler
10 Wired Lance Assassin Claw
10 Partisan Vijaya
10 Daggers Blitz Slugger
10 Double Saber Demolition Comet
10 Knuckles Spike Sluggers
10 Katana Agito
10 Soaring Blades Deo Serravan
10 Gunblade Vraolet Zero
10 Rifle Weiss Phoenix
10 Launcher SSPN Launcher
10 Twin Machineguns Yasminokov 9M
10 Bow Hammateri
10 Rod Umbra Cane
10 Rod Demonic Fork
10 Talis Maisen
10 Jet Boots Deo Grevan
13 Welk Series
Augment Factor Mastery IV All + 20 14 Soaring Blades Jupiter Tullus
14 Double Saber Cuvele Scarlet
14 Twin Machineguns Cuvele Wyndia
14 Rod Eternal Psycho Drive
Augment Factor Mastery V All + 30 15 Millionaire Series
15 Croesus Series
Augment Factor Stamina III HP +50 10 Double Saber Deo Feilnaught
10 Katana Deo Salizania
10 Bow Deo Tigrebow
Augment Factor Stamina IV HP +60 12 Double Saber Nox Cadina
12 Katana Nox Sagephus
12 Bow Nox Lexio
Augment Factor Stamina V HP +70 13 Knuckles Phantasm Ship Artillery
13 Twin Machineguns Three Strike Phantasm Guns
13 Rod Phantasm Lightning Rod
Augment Factor Spirit III PP +4 10 Knuckles Deo Bietigars
10 Soaring Blades Deo Adelaide
10 Jet Boots Deo Laserswift
Augment Factor Spirit IV PP +5 12 Knuckles Nox Destim
12 Soaring Blades Nox Dinas
12 Jet Boots Nox Placis
Augment Factor Spirit V PP +6 13 Sword D-AIS Saber
13 Rifle D-AIS Vulcan
13 Launcher D-AIS Blaster
Augment Factor Spirit VI PP +7 13 Raven Series

Stat Boosts (Special)

Name Effects Weapon Sources
Augment Factor Mutation I Increases specific
synthetic probability.
Pwr +10
HP +10
7 Sword Zax
7 Wired Lance Kuscha Nebula
7 Partisan Basileion
7 Daggers Astera
7 Double Saber Spiritia
7 Knuckles Riddle Mole
7 Katana Sigalga
8 Soaring Blades Sar Bright
8 Soaring Blades Adelaide
7 Gunblade Jareid
7 Rifle Full Cylinder
9 Rifle Tigridore
7 Launcher Saint Kilda
9 Launcher Ridoltiv
7 Twin Machineguns Aresvis
7 Bow Bigglow
7 Rod Red Processor
7 Talis Rosa Crane
7 Wand Regalia
8 Jet Boots Sahre Bliz
Augment Factor Mutation II Success Rate up
for certain synthesis.
Pwr +15
13 Wired Lance Let's Go Shiny!
13 Jet Boots Jet Washer
Augment Factor Modulator MEL Pwr +30
RNG Pwr +30
TEC Pwr +30
Wired Lance 13 Flow Razor
Partisan 13 Bloodspear Vlad Bram
Soaring Blades 13 Astral Blades
Rifle 13 Ray Gun Barrel
Launcher 13 Yasminokov 4000F

13 Allure Series
13 Claudium Series
13 Detonation Series
13 Xerraire Series

Augment Factor Stigma DEX +20
PP +5
13 Tagami Kouga Series
13 Gal Gryphon Series
13 Rod Weddle Park
13 Wired Lance Keimostross
13 Rifle Sekfors
13 Twin Machineguns Monak Hadis
13 Bow Grai Jadaq
13 Wand Strada Anis
Augment Factor Spirit Alpha DEX +30
PP +3
13 v2 Series
Augment Factor Alter Arma MEL Pwr +20
HP +30
11 Sword Daisy Chain
11 Wired Lance Glorious Wing
11 Partisan Trident Crusher
11 Soaring Blades Grandcross
Augment Factor Alter Tyro RNG Pwr +20
HP +30
11 Rifle Infinite Corundum
11 Launcher Final Impact
Augment Factor Alter Magia TEC Pwr +20
HP +30
11 Rod Rabbit Wand
11 Talis Dream Master
Augment Factor Flict Arma MEL Pwr +20
PP +3
11 Daggers Sacrifice Falspawn
11 Double Saber Absolute Blade
11 Knuckles Weiss Comet
11 Katana Sange
Augment Factor Flict Tyro RNG Pwr +20
PP +3
11 Gunblade Automata Blade Mech Katar
11 Twin Machineguns Missouri M13
11 Bow Southern Cross
Augment Factor Flict Magia TEC Pwr +20
PP +3
11 Wand Precious Balmung
11 Jet Boots Blade Stabilizer
Augment Factor Doom Break I Pwr +15
PP +2
13 Aura Series
Augment Factor Doom Break II Pwr +25
PP +3
14 Ceres-Zara Series
Augment Factor Doom Break III Pwr +30
PP +4
15 Orb Series
Augment Factor Sentence Might MEL Pwr +20
PP +4
Sword 13 Gix Zangulum

Wired Lance 13 Gix Gilminad
Partisan 13 Gix Jinraod
Daggers 13 Gix Jhikdrenn
Double Saber 13 Gix Zelvran
Knuckles 13 Gix Dissanga
Katana 13 Gix Bascht
Soaring Blades 13 Gix Cutoridave

Augment Factor Sentence Precision RNG Pwr +20
PP +4
Gunblade 13 Gix Granas
Rifle 13 Gix Shadok
Launcher 13 Gix Verata
Twin Machineguns 13 Gix Cafuil
Bow 13 Gix Visette
Augment Factor Sentence Casting TEC Pwr +20
PP +4
13 Rod Gix Jewd
13 Wand Gix Runan
13 Talis Gix Elno
13 Jet Boots Gix Carina
Augment Factor Sentence Triple MEL Pwr +30
RNG Pwr +30
TEC Pwr +30
13 Zeinesis Series
13 Clifard Series
Augment Factor Sentence Arma MEL Pwr +20
HP +20
PP +3
Sword 13 Ivlida Hander, Cleasis Hander, Schvelle Hander

Wired Lance 13 Ivlida Haddat, Cleasis Haddat, Schvelle Haddat
Partisan 13 Ivlida Rangia, Cleasis Rangia, Schvelle Rangia
Daggers 13 Ivlida Janbiya, Cleasis Janbiya, Schvelle Janbiya
Double Saber 13 Ivlida Kijal, Cleasis Kijal, Schvelle Kijal
Knuckles 13 Ivlida Sadi, Cleasis Sadi, Schvelle Sadi
Katana 13 Ivlida Bazera, Cleasis Bazera, Schvelle Bazera
Soaring Blades 13 Ivlida Battadia, Cleasis Battadia, Schvelle Battadia

Augment Factor Sentence Tyro RNG Pwr +20
HP +20
PP +3
Gunblade 13 Ivlida Buechse, Cleasis Buechse, Schvelle Buechse

Rifle 13 Ivlida Tradir, Cleasis Tradir, Schvelle Tradir
Launcher 13 Ivlida Calvin, Cleasis Calvin, Schvelle Calvin
Twin Machineguns 13 Ivlida Dinares, Cleasis Dinares, Schvelle Dinares
Bow 13 Ivlida Gender, Cleasis Gender, Schvelle Gender

Augment Factor Sentence Magia TEC Pwr +20
HP +20
PP +3
Rod 13 Ivlida Medina, Cleasis Medina, Schvelle Medina

Wand 13 Ivlida Karinza, Cleasis Karinza, Schvelle Karinza
Talis 13 Ivlida Phossele, Cleasis Phossele, Schvelle Phossele
Jet Boots 13 Ivlida Serbs, Cleasis Serbs, Schvelle Serbs


Name Effects Weapon Sources
Augment Factor Impact Ward III MEL Resistance +5 4 5 6 Striking Weapons
Augment Factor Projectile Ward III RNG Resistance +5 4 5 6 Ranged Weapons
Augment Factor Technique Ward III TEC Resistance +5 4 5 6 Technique Weapons
Augment Factor Sovereign Ward III All Resistance +3 13 Nemesis Series


Name Effects Weapon Sources
Augment Factor Burn III Grant Burn Lv. 3 10 Sword Dragon Slayer
10 Sword Crusade Lore
10 Gunblade Emperor Axeon
10 Gunblade Cardestad
10 Rifle Holy Ray
10 Rifle Arao Cylinder
Augment Factor Burn V Grant Burn Lv. 5 13 Sword Sword Revolsio
13 Gunblade Gunblade Revolsio
13 Rifle Shot Revolsio
Augment Factor Freeze III Grant Freeze Lv. 3 10 Wired Lance Diabolique Gauntlet
10 Wired Lance Heretic End
10 Launcher Inferno Bazooka
10 Launcher Agne Bazooka
Augment Factor Freeze V Grant Freeze Lv. 5 13 Wired Lance Lance Revolsio
13 Launcher Cannon Revolsio
Augment Factor Shock III Grant Shock Lv. 3 10 Daggers Floating Edges
10 Daggers Iblis Blood
10 Soaring Blades Kadolph
10 Soaring Blades Twin Agito
10 Rod Divine Staff Amaterasu
10 Rod Rulyra
Augment Factor Shock V Grant Shock Lv. 3 13 Daggers Thrust Revolsio
13 Soaring Blades Blade Revolsio
13 Rod Shaft Revolsio
Augment Factor Blind III Grant Blind Lv. 3 10 Partisan Gekitsanata
10 Partisan Flue Zajil
10 Twin Machineguns Pandora Extreme
10 Twin Machineguns Blanc Mirrors
10 Jet Boots Hakobe Hayase
Augment Factor Blind V Grant Blind Lv. 5 13 Partisan Spear Revolsio
13 Twin Machineguns Bullet Revolsio
13 Jet Boots Shoes Revolsio
Augment Factor Panic III Grant Panic Lv. 3 10 Double Saber Thunderbolt
10 Double Saber Langritter
10 Katana Buhrei Obs
10 Talis Guardianna
10 Talis Blau Luft
Augment Factor Panic V Grant Panic Lv. 5 13 Double Saber Storm Revolsio
13 Katana Saika Revolsio
13 Talis Card Revolsio
Augment Factor Poison III Grant Poison Lv. 3 10 Knuckles Martial Strikers
10 Knuckles Paonarian
10 Bow Susano Hiki
10 Wand Stina
10 Wand Evil Curst
Augment Factor Poison V Grant Poison Lv. 5 13 Knuckles Spike Revolsio
13 Bow Arch Revolsio
13 Wand Edge Revolsio


Name Effects Weapon Sources
Augment Factor Acto Di Soul MEL Pwr +35
PP +3
13 Titan Series
Augment Factor Tir Di Soul RNG Pwr +35
PP +3
13 Stelk Series
Augment Factor Magia Di Soul TEC Pwr +35
PP +3
13 Form Series
Augment Factor Astral Soul All +35
HP +35
PP +5
13 Ray Series

13 Union Series

Augment Factor Deubarz Soul TEC Pwr +35
DEX +5
PP +1
Wired Lance 13 Voxed Buhl

Knuckles 13 Voxed Baleos

Augment Factor Gryzorus Soul RNG Pwr +35
DEX +5
PP +3
Jet Boots 13 Gryzo Shosul
Augment Factor Deadlion Soul MEL Pwr +35
DEX +5
HP +20
Wand 13 Deadlio Gridder

S-Grade Augment

S-Grade Augments (SGA) can be special SAFs that appear on some items. They behave like other SAFs, except with restrictions on what items they can be placed on.

Only SGAs that are part of an SAF are listed here. For more info and a full list of current SGAs available to Global, please visit S-Grade Augments.

Name Effects Weapon Sources
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Aggressive Will Increases attack power by 2%. Gunblade 13 Val Alz
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Lucent Domain Recovers 3 PP when a nearby enemy is defeated. 13 Stragio Series
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Perfectchain Will Increases damage by 2% when performing successive Perfect Attack normal attacks.
Maxes at 3%.
14 Blood Series
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Photon Descent Reduces PP consumption by 7%. Rifle 13 Val Drache

Launcher 13 Val Volare
Twin Machineguns 13 Val Radda

S Grade Augment 1 S1: Spectre's Will Increases attack power based on the Photon Gauge. Sword 14 Ares Sword

Wired Lance 14 Ares Lance
Partisan 14 Ares Partisan
Gunblade 14 Ares Buster
Jet Boots 14 Ares Boots

Name Effects Weapon Sources
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Goliathslayer's Will Increases damage dealt to bosses by 3%. 13 Mars Series
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Lustrous Strike Increases active PP recovery by 17%. Katana 13 Val Valua

Soaring Blades 13 Val Slecht
Bow 13 Val Agria
Jet Boots 13 Val Exocet

S Grade Augment 2 S2: Medical Grace Restores varying amounts of PP upon consuming a -mate item as follows:

Monomate: 20 PP
Dimate: 40 PP
Trimate: 60 PP
Works with Automate.

Daggers 13 Chocolate Du Kitchen

Wired Lance 13 Glorious Parfait
Gunblade 13 Azucar Drops
Talis 13 Mufi Sucre

S Grade Augment 2 S2: Partbreaker's Will Increase damage against breakable parts by 3%. 13 Jutus Series
14 Lumiere Series
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Perfect Descent Reduces PP consumption by 12% when consecutively chaining different PAs or Techniques with Perfect Attacks. 13 Sword Acht Ange
13 Double Saber Ruzel Hanzi
13 Rifle Acht Jeng
13 Wand Acht Cuore
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Precision Will Increases critical damage by 3%. Jet Boots 13 Vadis Greaves
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Skillful Adept Increases critical hit rate by 12%. Daggers 13 Val Loque

Double Saber 13 Val Vire
Knuckles 13 Val Vadi

S Grade Augment 2 S2: Spectre Apparition Increases natural PP recovery based on the Photon Blast Gauge. Rod 14 Ares Rod

Talis 14 Ares Talis
Wand 14 Ares Wand

S Grade Augment 2 S2: Lustrous Spectre Increases active PP recovery based on the Photon Blast Gauge. Rifle 14 Ares Rifle

Launcher 14 Ares Launcher
Twin Machineguns 14 Ares Machine Gun

S Grade Augment 2 S2: Spectre Shield Reduces damage taken based on the Photon Blast Gauge. Soaring Blades 14 Ares Kaiser

Double Saber 14 Ares Edge
Knuckles 14 Ares Nest

Name Effects Weapon Sources
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Dynamo Dance Increases damage by 3% when consecutively chaining different PAs or Techniques with Perfect Attacks. Soaring Blades 14 Apprentice's Grudge Omega
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Guardian Shield Reduces damage taken by 7%. 13 Calamity Series
13 Tridia Series
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Luminous Grace Increases natural PP recovery by 17%. Rod 13 Val Zems

Talis 13 Val Letra
Wand 13 Val Eyth

S Grade Augment 3 S3: Persistent Fury Increases attack power by 4% and critical hit rate by 5%.

Enhances PP efficiency as follows:
PP recovery +10%
Active PP recovery +15%
PP consumption -5%.
Effects will be lost when damage is taken (180s cooldown).

13 Dia Series
14 Geometry Series
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Spectre's Descent Reduces PP consumption based on the Photon Blast Gauge Katana 14 Ares Ryuuga

Soaring Blades 14 Ares Blade
Bow 14 Ares Bow

S Grade Augment 3 S3: Timeflow Vitality Restores 40% of your maximum HP every 40 seconds. Sword 13 Val Farder

Wired Lance 13 Val Weisz
Partisan 13 Val Victo

Name Effects Weapon Sources
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Flashguard Lucent Recover 10 PP when performing a Perfect Guard. Sword 14 Atlas Farder

Sword 15 Atlas Farder EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Frontal Adept Critical hit rate of frontal attacks is increased by 30% while Valiant Stance is active. Daggers 14 Atlas Loque

Daggers 15 Atlas Loque EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Hammer of the Wise Critical hit rate of frontal attacks is increased by 15% while Wise Stance is active. Knuckles 14 Atlas Vadi

Knuckles 15 Atlas Vadi EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Lifesteal Strike Restores HP equal to 1% of damage dealt (30 HP Max). Gunblade 14 Atlas Alz

Gunblade 15 Atlas Alz EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Lustrous Trap Inreases PP restored by Tactical Trap by 20%. Launcher 14 Atlas Volare

Launcher 15 Atlas Volare EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Mettle of the Rested Gain knockback immunity after standing still for 1 second. Rifle 14 Atlas Drache

Rifle 15 Atlas Drache EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Mighty Chain Gain invincibility for 5 seconds when Chain Trigger is activated. Twin Machineguns 14 Atlas Radda

Twin Machineguns 15 Atlas Radda EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Photon V Adaptation Improves natural and active PP recovery and reduces PP consumption based on your maximum PP.

The formula for this benefit is
(Player's Max PP - 120) x 0.1
The maximum benefit of 30% requires 420 Max PP.

Partisan 14 Atlas Victo

Partisan 15 Atlas Victo EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Prolonged Blade Reduces the depletion of the Focus Gauge while Katana Focus is active.
(Roughly 20% slower gauge loss)
Katana 14 Atlas Valua

Katana 15 Atlas Valua EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Refined Providence Increases the potency of Element Conversion by 5% for non-matching weapon elements.
Rod 14 Atlas Zems

Rod 15 Atlas Zems EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Second Whirlwind Increases the duration of Double Saber's wind flourish by 4 seconds. Double Saber 14 Atlas Vire

Double Saber 15 Atlas Vire EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Steely Determination Survives one fatal hit with 1 HP. Does not work if HP is already at 1. Activates once per quest. Wired Lance 14 Atlas Weisz

Wired Lance 15 Atlas Weisz EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Support Amplification Shifta and Deband's maximum duration becomes 120 seconds. Jet Boots 14 Atlas Exocet

Jet Boots 15 Atlas Exocet EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Sustained Cycle Reduces the cooldown of Photon Flare by 20%. Talis 14 Atlas Letra

Talis 15 Atlas Letra EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Swift Arrows Strike Increases the damage of all attacks done with a Bow by 3% when Rapid Fire is active. Bow 14 Atlas Agria

Bow 15 Atlas Agria EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Transmutation Circle Changes the weapon element to match the currently equipped elemental defense ring.
Has no effect if an elemental ring is not equipped.
Soaring Blades 14 Atlas Slecht

Soaring Blades 15 Atlas Slecht EX

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Wand Impact Increases Wand normal attack speed by 1.1x and negates hitstop. Wand 14 Atlas Eyth

Wand 15 Atlas Eyth EX


Name Effects Weapon Sources
Augment Factor Soul Receptor Significantly increases Soul
success rate during affixing.
All +10
Sword 13 Lightning Espada

Partisan 13 Bluesy Requiem, Bardiche
Daggers 13 Twin Kamuy, Lavis Blades, Ark Fran
Katana 13 Yamigarasu, Yasha
Rifle 13 Avenger, Yasminokov 7V
Twin Machineguns 13 H1 Missouri Twin
Launcher 13 Shooting Drive
Bow 13 Rikauteri
Rod 13 Gravilios, Caduceus

Augment Factor Alternate History Experience Gained +10% Partisan 13 Imperial Pick

Double Saber 13 Meteor Staff
Knuckles 13 Divine Fists
Soaring Blades 13 Milio Bright
Rifle 13 Astral Riser
Rod 13 Clarita Visus

Augment Factor Soul Catalyst HP +10
PP +1
14 Lamia Selgam
Augment Factor Factor Catalyst HP +10
PP +1
14 Lamia Sleider
Augment Factor Reverie Catalyst HP +10
PP +1
13 Profound Series
14 Starquake Series
14 Lamia Dran
Augment Factor Phrase Weak Increase damage by 2% when
hitting enemy Elemental Weakness.
13 Fornis Series
13 Homura Series
14 Occuld Series
Augment Factor Phrase Chase Increases damage by 5% against
enemies with Status Effects.
13 Snow Series, 13 Winter Series
Augment Factor Phrase Response Increases normal attack PP
recovery by 5%
13 Astra Series
Augment Factor Phrase Recovery PP recovery speed increases 5%. 14 Mirage Series
Augment Factor Phrase Reduce PP consumption decreases 4%. Daggers 13 Twin Tonfa

Twin Machineguns 13 Bullet Kunai
Talis 13 Lumi Holy

Augment Factor Phrase Decay Increases damage by 5% against
enemies inflicted with Jellen.
13 Basilisk Series
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