The main story of New Genesis.
The story progresses by completing Main Tasks and Story Quests that occur from time to time.
The game also serves as a tutorial, where you will learn how to use the controls and other unique elements of New Genesis through actual combat.
Unlike in Base PSO2, various functions and searchable areas are unlocked by progressing through the Main Tasks and Story Quests.
Currently, the progress of Main Tasks are separate for each character, but for the Prologue, even if one character has completed it, the Prologue can be skipped after additional characters are created.

For the story content, see Story.

Story Quest

Special quests that may occur in Main Tasks. Mainly occurs when important exploration and combat are required in the story.

  • Features
    • During Story Quests, solo play is only possible and multiplayer is not allowed.
      Any parties made before the start of the quest will be maintained as is.
    • The quest will be played in an offline area, which is almost the same as the online area, and chats other than party chat will not be received during the Story Quest.
      • When in the offline area, the time and weather are fixed, and there are no containers. Ryuker Devices in the area are also closed off.
      • Weapons can be used in places where online use of weapons is restricted, such as Central City.

  • Retrying after being incapacitated
    • Until the end of the Prologue, the system will allow you to automatically revive immediately.
    • Afterwards, incapacitations will give you the option to start over from the beginning of the quest after selecting Retry.
    • Any cutscenes involved will have to be watched again.
    • Restasignes in possession are carried over and any Restasignes on the field will be reset and relocated.

Main Story

Task Name Objectives Rewards Description
First Contact Learn basic moves and head to the destination.

Defeat the Pettas Sword.
Harvest Restasigne.
Gather all the Restasigne.
Head to the top of the cliff.
Reach the town by gliding.

--- Unlocks Photon Glide by achieving "Head to the top of the cliff".
Aelio Town Head to Garoa's house.

Talk to Ral.
Lock on to the training target.
Hit all training targets with Sidestep Strike.
Talk to Figne.
Defeat the enemies destroying the beach.
Listen to Figne.
Defeat the enemies destroying the beach.
Talk to Barry.
Defeat the enemies destroying the fields.
Talk to Bosy.
Find the Item Container.
Equip an Armor.
Return to Garoa's house.

--- ---
A Huge Mysterious Figure Defeat the enemies.

Escape to the cave.

--- ---
To Central City Enter the cave.

Defeat the enemies.
Get through the cave.
Head to Central City.
Enter Central Tower.
Head to the lodgings.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
Unlocks Multiplayer and Login Bonus.
Unlocks Prologue skip on other characters.
End of Prologue
First Trial Head to the Cocoon First Step. 1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
Player meets Crawford, the leader of Central City, after Aelio Town is destroyed, and learns that the perpetrator is a DOLLS unit known as Dark Falz. Healed from her injuries, Aina rejoins the trio, and they begin to learn ARKS defender combat skills.
Exploring the Cocoon Facility Explore the Cocoon First Step.

Exit the Cocoon facility.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
Crawford orders Player to go to a Cocoon training facility. Basic ARKS defender skills can be learned there.
  • Cannot be skipped even if the Cocoon has been cleared.
  • Unlocks Wall Kick while "First Step" is in progress.
To the Command Room Head to the Command Room.

Talk to Crawford.

2,000 N-Meseta
200 EXP
After receiving ARKS instructor Dozer's Cocoon coaching, Crawford summons Player back to the Command Room in Central City.
Advice from Liu Lin I Talk to Liu Lin.

Head to a Ryuker Device in the city.
Head to the Ryuker D. at Halphana east.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
Directed by Crawford to learn how to survive on Halpha, they attend a lecture given by operator Liu Lin. The first topic is how to use something called a Ryuker Device.
  • Unlocks access to Ryuker Devices.
Advice from Liu Lin II Explore the target Cocoon facility.

Learn a Class Skill.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
The trio attends another Liu Lin lecture. Making use of a Mag function called "Active Sonar", they locate Enhanced Enemies, and are told to explore the Cocoon facility where they are.
  • Unlocks access to the Class Counter and rewards a small set of Primm Weapons.
Advice from Oranje Talk to Oranje.

Obtain TAMES Meat.
Prepare Quick Food at a Food Stand.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
Next, operator Oranje explains how to make use of a Food Stand. In order to try making Quick Food, the trio is tasked with obtaining the meat of a TAMES unit, which inhabits the area around Central City.
  • Unlocks access to Quick Food.
Advice from Rossa Talk to Rossa.

Enhance a weapon +1 or more.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
Next, operator Rossa teaches the trio how to enhance equipment at the Item Lab in Central City.
  • Unlocks access to the Item Lab option "Item Enhancement".
The First Mission Head to the Command Room.

Talk to Ran.
Achieve Battle Power 830 or greater.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
After attending the operators' lectures, Player is called to the Command Room by Crawford.
Mt. Magnus DOLLS
Story Quest
Talk to Manon at the base of Mt. Magnus.

Head to the summit.
Defeat the Nogleth.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
After preparing for battle, Player heads to Mt. Magnus to help Aina and the others suppress a DOLLS unit.
  • Unlocks the Mt. Magnus area.
A Triumphant Report Return to the Command Room 1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
After the Player trio defeats the Nogleth on Mt. Magnus, they return to the Command Room to report to Crawford.
Aina's Resolve Head to the Watchtower 1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
Aina seems to be troubled about something. She calls Player to the Watchtower on the edge of Central City.
Residents of Central City Talk to an ARKS defender with a Task Marker.

Head to the Class Counter.
Set a Sub-Class.
Accept Slona's Side Task.
Accept Cartevei's Side Task.
Accept Ran's Side Task.
Clear Slona's Side Task.
Clear Cartevei's Side Task.
Clear Ran's Side Task.

1,000 N-Meseta
500 EXP
After hearing Aina's confession, the Player trio is more determined than ever to fight.

The trio will take some battle technique lessons from Central City residents introduced to them by Dozer.

  • Unlocks access to the Class Counter option "Set Sub-Class" and the Item Lab option "Limit Break".
Preparing for Battle Talk to Aina at the rest area.

Achieve Battle Power 950 or greater.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
After getting battle advice from some Central City residents, Player is called to the rest area by Aina.
  • Unlocks access to Daily and Weekly Tasks.
The Trio Goes to Battle
Story Quest
Talk to Aina at the Vanford Laboratory Ruins.

Explore the Vanford Laboratory Ruins.
Defeat the Daityl.

1,000 N-Meseta
1000 EXP
Player and company head to the Vanford Laboratory Ruins to suppress a DOLLS unit after receiving an emergency transmission from Ran.
  • Unlocks the Vanford Laboratory Ruins area.
Anomalies Head to the Command Room 1,000 N-Meseta
1000 EXP
After Player and company defeat the Daityl in the Vanford Laboratory Ruins, they get an emergency call from Crawford and hurry back to Central City.
An Abundance of Caution Talk to Staggy.

Create a Multi-weapon.
Achieve Battle Power 1100 or greater.

1,000 N-Meseta
1000 EXP
The Player trio is eager to go rescue Dozer, but Crawford cautions them to prepare thoroughly first.

Crawford introduces them to some Central City residents who teach them how to survive battles against challenging foes.

  • Unlocks access to the Item Lab options "Unlock Potential" and "Multi-weapon".
Rescuing Dozer
Story Quest
Talk to Aina at the entrance to Resol Forest.

Find Dozer.
Defeat Nex Aelio.

1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
In search of Dozer, who has vanished in Resol Forest, Player and crew stumble across an enemy den - the home of Nex Aelio.
  • Unlocks the Resol Forest area.
Going Back Head to the Command Room. 1,000 N-Meseta
100 EXP
After defeating Nex Aelio and rescuing Dozer, the Player trio heads back to the Command Room in Central City to report to Crawford.
  • Unlocks access to Rank 2 areas of Mt. Magnus and Vanford Laboratory Ruins.