Dark Techniques

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Dark Techniques
UITechMegid.png Megid UITechGimegid.png Gimegid UITechRamegid.png Ramegid / Zero UITechSamegid.png Samegid
UITechNamegid.png Namegid UITechIlmegid.png Ilmegid UITechMegiverse.png Megiverse


Dark Techniques can inflict the Poison status. Enemies affected by Poison take a certain percentage of their maximum HP in damage every few seconds.
Certain bosses, most notably Dragonkin, can be affected by the Poison status to induce special effects.


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechMegid.png Megid Potency 1116 1334 A novice Dark Technique. Condensed photons pursue the target and violently explode on contact.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 1s
PP 20
Poison Poisoned 20 22
  • The projectile has a somewhat weak homing capability which can be outrun by faster mobs.
    • The homing only works if you target a valid target/ enemy. You can use this to your advantage by targeting the ground to hit an area.
  • When uncharged, the projectile moves faster but has a smaller explosion. Charged, the projectile moves slower, but has a larger explosion.
  • The explosion at the end has a fairly generous radius. You can use it to hit a loosely grouped set of mobs.
    • The explosion also lingers around in a similar manner to Rafoie. This lets it spawn kill if multiple mobs spawn from the same location.
  • Max projectile distance when charged is about 40M, and takes approximately 4 seconds to traverse. Uncharged, it's about 30M in approximately 2 seconds.
    • Going by calculations regarding the changed speed craft, Megid's default projectile speed is 10 when charged, 15 when uncharged.
Craft Type Merit Demerit Special Effect
Abyssal 1 Potency +100~180% PP Cost +3~10 Speed +6.00
2 Potency +180~230% PP Cost +2~9 Speed +8.00
3 Potency +220~260% PP Cost +1~8 Speed +10.00
Potent 1 PP Cost -10~1 Speed -4.00~2.00
2 PP Cost -10~1 Speed -4.00~2.00 Charge Time -0.05s
3 PP Cost -10~2 Speed -3.00~1.00 Charge Time -0.06s


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechGimegid.png Gimegid Potency - 1176 An intermediate Dark Technique. Fires beams of condensed photons into the target.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.8s
PP 20
Poison Poisoned 38 40
  • Has a maximum range, even if free-aimed. Also cannot hit a locked-on target behind a wall.
    • The max range of Gimegid is roughly the lock on range, but determined from the cast origin (your character or your thrown Talis).
    • If the target is out of range, Gimegid will just stay at the max range mark.
  • One hit if uncharged, 3 hits if charged.
    • Each hit does 33.3% of the listed power.
  • The attack range of each hit is incredibly small and it takes about half a second for Gimegid to hit. In that time, mobs that move away may be missed entirely.
  • Note that its status effect rate is actually divided between each hit. That means each hit has approximately a 13.33% chance to inflict the status instead of 40% per hit.
Craft Type Merit Demerit Special Effect
Intense 1 Charge Time -0.40~0.10s Poison Rate -20~10%
2 Charge Time -0.45~0.15s Poison Rate -20~10%
3 Charge Time -0.50~0.20s Poison Rate -18~6% PP Cost -3
Abyssal 1 Potency +500~600% Charge Time +0.10~0.20s
2 Potency +640~700% Charge Time +0.10~0.20s
3 Potency +700~760% Charge Time +0.08~0.16s


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechRamegid.png Ramegid Potency 984 1176 An intermediate Dark Technique. Calls down clusters of condensed photons around the user.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 1s
PP 25
Poison Poisoned 18 20
  • 5 separate falling projectiles if uncharged, 10 projectiles if charged
    • Each hit is 11% of the listed power
  • Doesn't have much range per projectile. Can hit higher targets.
    • The projectiles do explode upon hitting the ground though, but the radius is still small. Very hard to actually hit a target while the projectiles are still in the air.
  • Each projectile's fall location is completely random within its radius.
    • Therefore, there is no reliable way to get consistent damage, especially on smaller targets.
  • The status rate is inaccurate. The specific poisoning chance is believed to be about 1/5th the listed chance per projectile (4%).
Craft Type Merit Demerit Special Effect
Intense 1 Charge Time -0.50~0.10s PP Cost +3~10 Poison Rate +15%
2 Charge Time -0.50~0.20s PP Cost +2~9 Poison Rate +15%
3 Charge Time -0.50~0.25s Potency -60~40% Poison Rate +15%
Abyssal 1 Potency +20~40% Poison Rate -20~10%
2 Potency +40~60% Poison Rate -20~10% PP Cost -2
3 Potency +50~70% Poison Rate -18~9% PP Cost -3

Zero Ramegid

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechRamegid.png Zero Ramegid Potency - 4384 Maintains a condensed photon mass in your vicinity for a set time.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.5s
PP 25
Poison Poisoned - 20

Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +438
Custom Type 2: PP Consumption +0 ~ +10

  • Unaffected by Talis and any Talis related skills; when cast, the orbs will always surround the user.
  • When charged, 5 orbs surround you for about 20 seconds total. It hits in roughly 0.33s intervals for a total of about 66 hits. Each hit does roughly 1.5% of the listed power.
    • The total hits can be as high as about 70 if you get hits in during its initial cast animation.
    • Uncharged, 3 orbs surround you for about 10 seconds total, doing about 20 hits total.
  • The status effect rate is also extremely low. It's guessed that the status effect rate is divided into each hit, which is roughly 0.3% chance per hit.
  • If you cast it again, the previous cast is eliminated. So you cannot stack its effect.
  • If you switch weapons, the effect ends prematurely. The animation may continue however (if you're using a weapon camo). This is the same for all Techniques.
  • Produces a hitstun effect (which mostly affects non-bosses). Does not cause any knockback though, so it simply "slows" mob movements as they are hit.


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechSamegid.png Samegid Potency - 1147 An intermediate Dark Technique. Generates clusters of photons which doggedly pursue targets.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.75s
PP 23
Poison Poisoned 20 22
  • 3 projectiles with low homing capabilities (similar to Megid) track your target. The projectiles themselves move much faster than Megid. Only 1 projectile starts aimed at your target.
    • Thus, using this in close/melee range to full effect is impossible for smaller targets. While the projectiles will attempt to hit the intended target after missing initially, they will disappear before this is possible or hit the wall/ground.
  • Contrary to how it looks too, the projectiles are small enough and start far enough apart that you cannot "shotgun" most targets with it, unlike what you can do with Zan.
  • You can "forcefully obtain" long range by using this with a Talis. Throw it up in the air or behind you (or both) before casting.
  • The listed power assumes all 3 projectiles hit a target.
  • The maximum range is 60M, which is a bit further than what locking onto a target allows (about 50M).
    • Uncharged, the projectile is much slower, which decreases the max range to about 20M (with no target)
  • Other targets/walls can interfere with each individual projectile.
  • Not having a valid target at the time of casting makes the projectiles have no homing capabilities. Also, possibly travel a bit slower.
  • The projectiles do not cause any explosion too. Once they hit a target, the projectile is gone.
Craft Type Merit Demerit Special Effect
Abyssal 1 Potency +300~400% PP Cost +3~10
2 Potency +500~580% PP Cost +2~9 Poison Rate +10%
3 Potency +560~640% PP Cost +2~8 Poison Rate +11%
Intense 1 Charge Time -0.30~0.10s Poison Rate -20~10%
2 Charge Time -0.40~0.20s Poison Rate -20~10%
3 Charge Time -0.45~0.25s Poison Rate -20~10% PP Cost -3


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechNamegid.png Namegid Potency - 4579 An advanced Dark Technique. Hold down the button to condense photons which causes a massive damaging explosion that reaches critical levels.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 5s
PP 60
Poison Poisoned 20 22
  • Does nothing if there's no target (except waste a lot of PP).
  • With a valid target and charging the technique, dark magic circles start appearing around the target. Once the animation is complete, you will automatically release the charge and do a hit of the listed power.
    • Releasing early does 30% of the listed power, and counts as an uncharged tech.
  • Once the magic circles start appearing, you do not need to remain locked on to the target for Namegid to keep charging the current hit.
    • The magic circle may disappear if you move too far away however. Specifically, the effective range is limited to about 50m around your character. This distance is approximately the same as your target lock distance too. The cast's origin position (thrown Talis) doesn't affect this.
  • It takes a little over half a second (0.55s) to actually have the magic circles start appearing. If you release the charge during this time, nothing will happen except wasting your PP, even if you're locked onto the target.
    • If you're using free aim, you have to aim at one specific part for 0.55s before it starts charging. If a target is moving erratically, this may not be possible to do.
    • If a target is transparent/invisible, like the Segrezun (only one that can become transparent at this time), you cannot get the magic circle to appear, even if free aimed.
  • Charge PP Revival from the Force skill tree does work while this charges.
    • On that note though, Charged Escape and Rod Preservation Bonus both do not work. The charge state is not kept at all.
  • Namegid actually does have an area of effect. However, the time the explosion lasts isn't very long. Nor is the explosion's size/range.
Craft Type Merit Demerit Special Effect
Abyssal 1 Potency +50~300% PP Cost +16~26
2 Potency +300~600% PP Cost +8~18
3 Potency +450~750% PP Cost +5~15
Vast 1 Range +1.00~2.00m Potency -800~450%
2 Range +1.10~2.20m Potency -700~400%
3 Range +1.50~2.50m Potency -600~300%


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechIlmegid.png Ilmegid Potency - 1304 An advanced Dark Technique. Condensed photons coalesce into a dark arm which assaults one target after another.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.8s
PP 35
Poison Poisoned 5 10
  • When cast without a valid target, the projectile does not immediately go for any target; it behaves like a straight projectile. While locked onto a valid enemy, it will have homing and seek the next closest target it hasn't hit yet and repeat until the projectile expires.
    • If it hits a wall, obstacle (even destructible), or the ground while in a non-homing state, it will disappear.
  • If there is only one target, Ilmegid will, after a slight delay (due to looking for other valid targets besides the one it just hit), turn around to hit the target again.
  • If Ilmegid's homing target dies before being hit by it, all homing capabilities will be ceased.
  • The projectile's homing has a limited turn radius. In some cases, this can cause it to circle around its target endlessly until it expires.
    • The projectile, once its homing is activated, can get stuck behind a wall, piece of terrain, or other obstruction too.
  • Each hit does 34% of the listed power when charged. Uncharged hits for 1/3rd of that.
  • Multiple Ilmegids can exist simultaneously.
  • Note that some specific enemy parts, like Marmoth's body or Goron Zran's chair, can cause the projectile to disappear despite being valid targets. Most enemies are fine however.
  • In a straight line, its max distance is about 90M charged. Uncharged is about 60M.
    • The projectile itself stays for 3 seconds charged, 2 seconds uncharged. Therefore, the default speed of the projectile is 30.
Craft Type Merit Demerit Special Effect
Potent 1 PP Cost -10~1 Charge Time +0.30~0.50s
2 PP Cost -11~2 Charge Time +0.20~0.40s
3 PP Cost -12~2 Charge Time +0.15~0.25s
Abyssal 1 Potency +40~70% Speed -8.00~4.00
2 Potency +70~100% Speed -10.00~6.00
3 Potency +110~140% Speed -12.00~8.00


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UITechMegiverse.png Megiverse Potency 100 A Dark-aspected support Technique. Deploys a photonic field which can heal the user and allies in range when they deal damage.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 1s
PP 20
  • When cast, a field centered around the user/ talis is created. All players and friendly allies in the field's range recover HP equal to 1/4th of the damage done.
    • In the case of a Summoner, Summoners do not recover damage their pets do, and pets do not recover HP for damage they do unless it's from inside the field.
    • Damage caused by your poison or burn status ailments do heal you too.
  • The vertical coverage of this Technique is rather large. Especially compared to Resta.
    • This can be a good substitute for Resta if everyone nearby is attacking anyway.
    • It can also be useful as a substitute to using an uncharged Resta on yourself. Throw out uncharged Megiverse and quickly hit with something to recover a large amount.
  • The field lasts for about 1.5 seconds if uncharged, and roughly 5 seconds if charged.
    • Note that the animation will end a bit earlier than the field effect actually expiring. You have about half a second after it starts disappearing/ disappearing before the effect actually expires.
  • If you use another support technique that isn't Zondeel after already casting Megiverse, Megiverse's effect ends prematurely. The animation will still play out in full though.
    • Shifta, Deband, Zanverse, Resta, Anti, and Megiverse itself all do this.
  • The level affects the range of Megiverse.
  • Note that you don't necessarily need to hit an enemy to recover HP. Hitting a switch while in a Megiverse field allows you to recover HP. Several other objects allow healing when hit.
  • Is affected by Techter's Territory Burst. It is not affected by Support Range Extender.
Craft Type Merit Demerit Special Effect
Intense 1 Charge Time -0.30~0.10s PP Cost +3~10
2 Charge Time -0.40~0.20s PP Cost +2~9
3 Charge Time -0.50~0.30s PP Cost +1~8
Potent 1 PP Cost -10~1 Charge Time +0.10~0.20s
2 PP Cost -10~1 Charge Time +0.08~0.18s
3 PP Cost -10~4 Charge Time +0.06~0.16s
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