Multi-weapon is a system that allows you to combine two New Genesis weapons from the same series to use both Normal attacks, Weapon actions, and PAs in a single Weapon Palette.
However, PAs can only be activated while using a Main or Subclass that can equip the target weapon. This feature is unlocked during the Main Story Task, An Abundance of Caution.

In addition to N-Meseta N-Meseta as the cost, a material item called NGS Mineral Icon Photon Quartz is required separately.
The required amount varies by the rarity of the weapon.
By using support items, this process can be done without consuming the necessary materials other than N-Meseta (currently no means of acquisition).

As for the Base and Material weapons, if the combination is the same types, there is no difference in play even if the weapons are swapped for the process.
For example, if the Base is a Primm Sword and the Material is a Primm Rifle, it can be interpreted as having a Primm Rifle with exactly the same Enhancement Value, Potential, Augments, and Preset Skills as the Primm Sword at the same time.

When selecting a base weapon to combine, other weapon attributes of the base weapon, such as Potential or Color Variant will be shared to the other weapon you combine with. Unique weapons under the same weapon series with different potentials, such as the 5 Relik Series can use another Relik Series potential by doing this.


About Actions and Skill Activation Conditions

  • Normal Attacks and Weapon Actions can be used even if either of the combined weapons cannot be equipped in the Main / Subclass.
    Example: Equipping a Sword / Rifle Multi-weapon with as a Hunter / Fighter, access to the Rifle's PAs is not possible, but the Rifle's Normal Attack and Weapon Action are usable.
  • Skills that are exclusive to equipped weapons can be activated by the actions of the weapon, whether it is the Base or Material.
  • Activating Photon Blast is dependent on the last action used on the Multi-weapon, regardless of whether it is the Base or Material.
    Photon Blasts that not available weapon types for the Main / Subclass cannot be used.
    Example: Hunter / Fighter with Sword + Rod, Rod Photon Blast cannot be used.
  • If you combine two weapons that can be used for Techniques and both can be equipped, the weapon used for the Technique depends on the weapon type used immediately before.
    If you have a combination of weapons that can use Techniques and weapons that cannot, when you try to use a Technique, it will automatically switch to the weapon type that can use the Technique.
    For combinations of two Tech weapons only, if the weapon type used immediately before is not equipable by the Main / Subclass, the Technique cannot be used.
  • Skills that trigger additional counters by performing Normal Attacks (such as Sword Guard Counter Plus) can only be triggered by inputting a Normal Attack of the specified weapon type.
    e.g. Sword Guard Counter Plus is only triggered by Sword Normal Attacks, and will not be triggered by Normal Attacks of other weapon types after a PG is performed with a Sword.
  • Weapon Actions that are similar to guard actions cannot be substituted for guard as a prerequisite for counters (sword, rod, wand, etc.).
  • Weapon Actions placed in the Weapon Palette are performed with the weapon specified on the palette. Weapon Action with the dedicated Weapon Action button depends on the type of weapon used immediately before, not the Base weapon.
    Example: If you have a Multi-weapon that consists of a Sword and a Wire Lance, and you press the weapon action button without performing an action on the sword after performing a normal attack or PA on the wire lance, the wire lance weapon action will be triggered; if you press the weapon action button without performing an action on the wire lance after performing a normal attack or PA on the sword, the sword weapon action will be triggered. Pressing the weapon action button after performing a sword normal attack or PA without performing a wire lance action will activate the sword weapon action, and pressing the wire lance weapon action registered in the weapon palette will activate the wire lance weapon action regardless of which weapon type was used immediately before.
  • If a skill is marked as "〇〇 only", it will only be applied when attacking with that weapon, regardless of the Base weapon.
    Example: If your Base weapon is a Twin Machine Gun and you have a Sword or other weapon as a sub-weapon, the Chain Boost effect will only apply to the Twin Machine Gun's Normal Attack and PAs.

Potency Adjustment and Stats

  • Augments such as "Melee Weapon Potency +x%" only apply to that category of weapons.
    Example: If you have "Melee Weapon Potency +x%" on your Sword + Rifle, the effect will not be activated during Normal Attacks with the Rifle, PA, PB, etc.
    If you want the effect to apply to Rifles, you need to add "Ranged Weapon Potency +x%", and this effect does not apply to Swords.
    If you are mixing different weapon types, such as Melee / Ranged, it is better to add an augment such as "Potency +x%" which does not specify weapon type, or "Melee / Ranged Weapon Potency +x%" which is effective for the two types in question.
  • The Potency Adjustment of Main class equipable weapons (power reduction for Subclasses) will also be adjusted depending on the method of attack at the time, regardless of the Base weapon.
    Example: If you equip a Sword + Rifle with Ranger Main and compare it with Hunter Main, the potency will be increased for the rifle portion and decreased for the sword portion.
  • Battle Power does not change even if it becomes a Multi-weapon.

Equipment Conditions

  • Even if the Base weapon cannot be equipped, it can be equipped if the class that the weapon is combined into is one of the Main or Subclasses that can be equipped.
    Example: If the Base is a Sword and a Rod is combined, it can be equipped in as a Fighter / Force.

Material Weapon

  • Regardless of the equipment consumed as the Material Weapon, the Multi-weapon will still refer to the stats of the Base weapon.
    Material Weapon enhancements, Augments, Preset Skills, etc. are not inherited at all.
  • Multi-weapon can be overwritten by consuming a Material Weapon again.
    Naturally, the consumed materials will not come back. It is not possible to cancel the Multi-weapon.
  • Multi-weapon weapons cannot be used as the Material for multi-weaponization.

Pros and Cons


  • You can mix and match the Normal Attacks, PAs, and Weapon Actions of two different weapons without changing the Weapon Palette.
    Timed and stationary actions that would normally disappear after a weapon change (such as the Double Saber's Whirlwind, the Launcher's Sticky Bomb, and the Talis' Stationary Fire) can be used at the same time as other weapons.
  • The Enhancement Value, Augments, and unlocked Potentials depend on the Base Weapon, so one enhancement is equivalent to two enhancements.
    The material side can be in a completely new state right after you get it.
    There is no particular disadvantage to using the base weapon instead of the material weapon's action.
  • Enhanced equipment can be easily transferred to other classes to expand the range of classes.
    If you add the Double Saber to your multi-weapon arsenal, you can use it as long as you have a Hunter or Fighter class as your Main or Sub.


  • It can no longer be used as a material for making multi-weapons.
    Currently, it is unlikely that you will use the weapon as a material after it has been strengthened, so don't worry about it.
    However, if a weapon that is very difficult to obtain is implemented in the future, it may be a good idea to consider it.

Required Materials

Weapon Rarity Required Materials
1 10 50,000
2 20 100,000
3 30 150,000
4 40 200,000
5 50 250,000

The weapon used as the material is consumed.

Usage Examples

  • Put another category of PAs in the extra Weapon Palette.
    The best combinations are those that compensate for the weaknesses of the weapon and those that make use of the skills of the Main Class.
  • While it is possible to prepare each weapon and equip them in different palettes, there are advantages to using a multi-weapon system, such as the ability to switch between weapons without time lag, and the ability to strengthen items and add Augments with only one weapon.

Fighter Weapon + Hunter Weapon
(Knuckles + Sword, etc.) For Fighter (NGS)Hunter (NGS)
A Multi-weapon that compensates for the lack of ranged attacks on Fighter weapons with the PAs of Hunter Weapons.
Melee Weapon + Ranged Weapon
(Sword + Assault Rifle, etc.) A means for close combat Main classes to efficiently attack and recover PP against enemies who are moving around or out of range.
If you only want to recover PP or hunt for materials, weapons that don't match your Subclass will work.
Especially in small fights, employing a weapon with a piercing bullet type dash attack will greatly increase the efficiency of PP recovery.
Assault Rifle + Launcher
For Ranger (NGS)
The Launcher's excellent firepower against single targets saves you the trouble of changing weapons after putting on the Blight Round with an Assault Rifle.
For example, you can use Homing Dart PA for groups of enemies and Multi Launch for single target enemies with one weapon.
Non-Technique Weapon + Technique Weapon
This will allow you to activate Techniques on weapon types that would not normally be able to use Techniques.
The class that can equip the combined Technique weapons must be set as the Main or Subclass.
Techniques registered in the sub-palette can be used in the same way.
It makes up for the weaknesses of weapons that are not good at ranged attacks or long range, or expands the range of options such as going for Elemental Downs that you would not normally get.
Melee Weapon + Wired Lance
Utilize the Wired Lance's weapon actions to ensure maneuverability, mainly in the air. Can be used even if Hunter is not set as a Subclass.
It is safe to use weapons that are not easily accessible to flying enemies or high parts of the body.
Against long range weapons, it could also be included to gain altitude to get into the firing range when aiming at high areas with Blaze Shot or charged Barta.
Twin Daggers + Knuckles
If you are mainly using Twin Daggers, the Dagger Spin Counter is somewhat lacking in damage instead of tracking up and down, so in situations where movement is not necessary, you use the Knuckle Sway Counter in relation which has better damage output.
You can also use Knuckles as your main move while using Acceleration Drive or Dagger Spin Counter moves.
The above-mentioned fighting style, in which the use of counters and PAs is crucial, is very difficult to control on the spur of the moment when switching weapons, and would benefit greatly from multi-weaponization, even for weapons of the same class.
Melee Weapon + Double Saber
The Double Saber's Whirlwind, once activated, will continue even if you are using another weapon, so if you maintain Whirlwinds in moderation, it will simply lead to increased DPS.
Note, however, that while using any weapon other than the Double Saber in Multi Weapon, the power of the Whirlwind will be reduced to 1/4th of its damage.
Any Weapon + Talis
A combination of long range normal attacks and weapon actions that aim to recover PP through automatic attacks. Damage accumulation is also an added bonus.
If you have the Force / Techter skill "Floating Pillbox Multi-Rock", your PP efficiency will be greatly improved. (Especially noticeable in group battles.) Talis itself can also be used to cause Elemental Downs through its own Techniques.
Two usable weapons of the same class other than the above
By simply combining two types of weapons into one, you can enjoy the benefits of reducing the hassle of enhancing & limit breaking, adding augments, and unlocking potentials for two weapons to one, and saving inventory slots.