Similar to how Item Codes work in Phantasy Star Online 2, Item Codes are codes that can be used to obtain exclusive rewards. Item Codes are limited to once per account.

Item Codes

There are currently no Item Codes available for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Item Codes are usually provided during social media campaigns and special promotions.


Keywords are unique chat phrases which you can type in chat during a specified period to receive Campaign Rewards. Unlike Item Codes, campaign keywords can simply be entered in the area chat.

Keyword Availability Rewards
FromDavid January 13th, 2022 to January 28th, 2022 NGS Boost Icon Rappy-Shaped Fritters x1
NGS Ticket Icon Rappy Kite x1
Merry_Christmas December 23rd, 2021 to Unknown NGS Ticket Icon 159: Snowball Fight x1
NGS Pose November 17th, 2021 to December 31st, 2021 NGS Ticket Icon 774: NGS Pose x1
NOBORDER November 2nd, 2021 to November 30th, 2021 NGS Ticket Icon 775: No Border x1
Trick_or_Treat October 26th, 2021 to Unknown NGS Ticket Icon 141: Trick or Treat x1
ZUTOMAYO August 24th, 2021 to September 21st, 2021 NGS Ticket Icon uNiGuRi-Kun Head-Mount x1
NGS Ticket Icon Nira-Chan Hair x1
SONIC 30th June 23rd, 2021 to June 29th, 2021 NGS Ticket Icon SG 30 Ticket x1
NGS Ticket Icon Sonic Mask x1
NGS Ticket Icon Tails Mask x1
NGS Ticket Icon Knuckles Mask x1
NGS Ticket Icon Amy Mask x1
NGS Ticket Icon Chao Mask x1
NGS Ticket Icon Eggman Mask x1