Mop-Up Op: Endless Nightmare

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Mop-Up Op: Endless Nightmare
Quest Type Limited-Time Quests
Hard Level 40 and up
Super Hard Level 70 and up
Extremely Hard Level 85 and up
Ultra Hard Level 100 and up
Quest Details
Location ARKS Ship
Single/Multi-Party UIMultiParty.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Hard Main Class Level 8 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Super Hard Main Class Level 40 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 70 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Ultra Hard Main Class Level 85 and up, Sub Class Level 85 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit 00:30:00

00:20:00 (Trigger Version)

Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Break through every area within the time limit!

Quest Description

In this training, you will improve your combat abilities through unpredictable situations within the VR environment. Break through to the final area and defeat the boss within the time limit.
Break through the Forest, Volcanic Caves, Underground Shafts, and Ruins while dealing with impromptu missions, and defeat the boss in the final area, all within the time limit.(Trigger Version)
Complete this quest by defeating the enemies in the final area. The quest will end when the time limit expires.

Drop Info

The following items can drop at the end of the Quest from breaking the crystal.

Category Item Name Notes
Weapons Talis15 Dyne Fectus (UH)
El Scudo
Bow15 Genon Ein (UH)
Blizzard Banshee
Daggers15 Genon Zafira (UH)
Blizzard Banther
Katana15 Rittler's Order (UH)
Evilion Dragon
Sword15 Fol Golweven (UH)
Ignisimo Dragon
Katana15 Resonant Talmei (UH)
Lafaga Ringahda
Partisan15 Crush Spear Epitimia

Launcher15 Crush Launcher Ticia

Dio Hyunal
Partisan15 Megalith Glaive

Rod15 Megalith Rod

Grave Exegul
Sword15 Oblisana Wucht

Launcher15 Oblisana Fersa
Talis15 Oblisana Walze

Luminmechs (Lv. 91+)
15 Ophistia Series
Sword Ophistia Calibur

Wired Lance Ophistia Wing
Partisan Ophistia Spear
Daggers Ophistia Fencers
Double Saber Ophistia Edge
Knuckles Ophistia Fists
Katana Ophistia Galland
Soaring Blades Ophistia Sabers
Gunblade Ophistia Buster
Rifle Ophistia Shooter
Launcher Ophistia Cannon
Twin Machineguns Ophistia Rain
Bow Ophistia Bogen
Rod Ophistia Sorcerer
Talis Ophistia Arm
Wand Ophistia Axe
Jet Boots Ophistia Sliders

15 Steel Series
Sword Jen Steel

Wired Lance Curva Steel
Partisan Rau Steel
Daggers Dao Steel
Double Saber Prezza Steel
Knuckles Folza Steel
Katana Petra Steel
Soaring Blades Kalva Steel
Gunblade Vlade Steel
Rifle Carabiner Steel
Launcher Mole Steel
Twin Machineguns Wei Steel
Bow Arco Steel
Rod Mas Steel
Talis Puschke Steel
Wand Guwen Steel
Jet Boots Dino Steel
Harmonizer Van Steel

15 Rinser Series
Sword Rinser Vella

Wired Lance Rinser Wave
Partisan Rinser Berq
Daggers Rinser Regia
Double Saber Rinser Valg
Knuckles Rinser Volna
Katana Rinser Mahj
Soaring Blades Rinser Maroso
Gunblade Rinser Talassa
Rifle Rinser Tengl
Launcher Rinser Urdha
Twin Machineguns Rinser Bolea
Bow Rinser Rulutea
Rod Rinser Galula
Talis Rinser Haran
Wand Rinser Cyuma
Jet Boots Rinser Raphel
Harmonizer Rinser Juran

13 Union Series
Sword Union Sword

Wired Lance Union Lance
Partisan Union Partisan
Daggers Union Twin Daggers
Double Saber Union Double Saber
Knuckles Union Knuckles
Katana Union Katana
Soaring Blades Union Soaring Blades
Gunblade Union Gunblade
Rifle Union Rifle
Launcher Union Launcher
Twin Machineguns Union Twin Machine Guns
Bow Union Bow
Rod Union Rod
Talis Union Talis
Wand Union Wand
Jet Boots Union Jet Boots

● Higher droprate in the Trigger Version
Eggs Egg14 Marron

Egg14 Melon
Egg14 Viola
Egg14 Synchro

(XH and higher)
Sweets Sweets13 Super Comeback Parfait

Sweets13 Super Blast Parfait
Sweets13 Super Ideal Parfait
Sweets13 Super Energy Parfait
Sweets13 Super Hype Parfait
Sweets13 Super Tainted Parfait
Sweets13 Super Break Parfait
Sweets13 Super Stuffed Parfait
Sweets13 Super Spicy Parfait
Sweets13 Super Frenzied Parfait
Sweets13 Super Vigorous Parfait
Sweets13 Super Critical Parfait
Sweets13 Super Solid Patrol Parfait

(H and higher)
Other Tool Class EX-Cube

Tool Rising Weapons Badge 5
Trigger Endless Nightmare Trigger

Class EX-Cube can drop in any kind for all classes

Endless Nightmare Trigger does not drop in the Trigger Version
21 Badges for Rising Weapon Badge 5 on UH Difficulty

Augments Affix Factor Catalyst

Affix Reverie Catalyst
Affix Glare Catalyst

S-Grade Augments
Pass10 Add S3: Skillful Adept
S-Grade Augments
S-Grade Augment S8: Skydance Support (UH) May be granted to units.

Additional Info

  • Enemies that spawn with ND at the end of their name do not drop anything.
  • There is a rare chance for an additional teleporter to appear at the end of VR Area 4 that leads to a special battle arena with Gal Gryphon as the boss.