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This Non-Virtual Lesson is meant to contain Tips for ARKs Operatives that they might not encounter on their own, that save them time or effort.

UI Tips

  • Multi Select
    • Holding SHIFT will allow you to quickly select multiple items from your Inventory/Storage.
      • This can be used to quickly:
        • Store/Retrieve many things to/from Inventory or Storage.
        • Identify large amounts of ?? Weapons or Eggs at the Tekker.
        • Sell many junk items at a Vendor.

Questing Efficiently

  • Related Client Orders
    • In the Main Menu (ESC) >> Quests Section >> Client Orders >> "Orders that can be accepted in the fields of Ongoing Quests"
      • This option becomes active while you have selected a quest and are still in the main ship. You may accept as many Client Orders as you like, up to you current maximum.