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Read First

Please be sure to review the Arks-Visiphone Site Policy before making any contributions to the site.

If you have any questions for editors or have any requests for information, please put them on the Talk: pages of the respective articles or reach out to us at the #en-wiki-development channel on our Discord!

If you require assistance with wiki editing in general, these links provide supplementary information for editors: Wikipedia Cheatsheet - A lot of the wiki's code can be found here.

Media Wiki Help - If you want to try and learn more, you can check out MediaWiki's help pages.

General Editing Tips

  • When editing pages, next to the "Save page" button is a Show preview button. Please use it to preview your changes so that the Recent Changes doesn't become clogged.
  • If you use information from another source (SEGA, etc.), it is generally a good practice to reference the sources used.
  • If you don't know how to format a page, go to an existing page that you think is similar and click on "Edit", and base your edits off of that.
    • Please do not change any existing code unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing, or if you have already discussed it with other editors. If you want to experiment with existing code, you can do so on your UserPage.

Certain pages, or a broad category of pages, may already be managed by a dedicated user responsible for the design, format, and development of those pages. To prevent potential edit wars, conflicts in design or philosophy, or to prevent conflicting and duplicated edits, please ask the editor(s) managing those pages before making any undiscussed additions or changes. Most editors behind a certain category of pages can be seen by viewing the History of the page, located on the top right, and seeing which user has been managing the page.

Users can be communicated to from their Talk: pages, or by seeing if they have any contact information listed on their User Pages. If you are unable to get in contact with the user, and if no progress has been made following an extended period of time, please feel free to contribute to those pages with respect to the original design and format of those pages.

Where a New Editor Can Help

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Please check out the Editing Checklist page to see what is not currently worked on or managed yet. Generally, most parts of the site have already been covered and will be up-to-date in a punctual manner whenever content is released.

Phantasy Star Online 2

There are a considerable amount of pages that have not been filled in or are lacking information. If you are looking to contribute and assist with the site, please review the pages listed in the PSO2 Portal Page and see which pages require information and which pages are missing.

If you are unsure of how a page should be designed, created, or formatted, please feel free to contact the staff of this site.

Reporting Vandalism

Vandalism includes:

Ban Length Reason
3 days Low quality or mildly offensive edits on one or two pages
6 days Low quality edits on numerous pages
Intentionally adding false information to pages
Blanking a page
Permanent Self-promotion or advertisement
Using very offensive language
Continued bannable behavior after previous offenses

If you find any acts of vandalism, please revert the change, taking care to put, "Vandalism" within the summary. If you are not an editor of the site, you may report it on the #en-wiki-development channel on our Discord.

Obtaining Pictures Suitable for Wiki Use

  1. Images like Icons can be obtained through the game files.
  2. Image names may have a unique naming scheme that should be followed as such. If you are unsure of which pages use certain file naming schemes, you may view the code on a page to see how the file naming scheme follows.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Examples of image names:

  • Item Images (Weapons, Units, Materials)
    • NGSUIItemRenaissaSword.png
    • NGSUIItemPSO2MangaMemory.png
  • UI related Icons (Generally for Menu Icons):
    • NGSUIRareDropIcon.png

Certain icons related to the NGS Navbox will follow their respective naming schemes, such as the Template:NGSMenuIcons.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Examples of image names:

  • Item Images (Rings, Weapons, Armor Units, Consumable Items, Grinders, etc.):
    • UIItemSword.png
  • Rings (do not add their Left Ring or Right Ring notations):
    • UIItemHunterFocusPreservation.png
  • UI related Icons (Generally for Photon Arts and Techniques):
    • UIIconSonicArrow.png
    • UIIconFoie.png

If you're unsure where to obtain images, you can use a screenshot from in-game as a placeholder and one of our staff will replace it with a cleaner picture from the game files directly.

How to Request a Deletion

If for whatever reason you require a page to be deleted, please use the following code on the Image or Page you think should be deleted:


Please provide a reason as to why you want the page to be deleted, or else your request will be declined and the tag will be removed.

Coding Tips

Making Links

  • [[Link Name]] - Wrapping a link with brackets will turn it into a clickable link.
  • [[True Link | Link as it appears]] - If you want the Link Name to appear as something else.

Image Links

  • [[Image:Image_Name.ext | link=Page_Name]] - Replaces the link to an image's file page with a link to another page.

Category Links

  • [[:Category:Category_Name]] - links to the Category page itself
    • [[:Category:Category_Name | Replacement_Text]] -similar to True link from Making Links
  • [[Category:Category_Name]] -lists the page where this is used at the bottom of the category page

Redirect Code

  • #REDIRECT [[NewEditiors|Link]] will make a redirect, i.e. an automatic link elsewhere.
    • Redirects can be used on pages that would have had the same content as the target page, but use variations of the spelling of a target page's title or use similar words that might mean the same thing as the target page's title.
    • Redirects may also be used on pages that represent game content which has had their name changed, which will result in the need for a redirect to be used. More specifically, SEO results of a certain article of content may still continue to link to content with an old name, or users with cached links or bookmarks of a wiki article with an old name. As a result, to prevent those users from clicking onto an empty, now moved page, we use a redirect to redirect them to the content that has been provided with a new name.
  • #REDIRECT [[Page_Name#Section_or_Anchor_Name]] - as above but redirects links to a section header or anchor on another page. Used a lot to have a monster's name linked directly to the specific monster.
  • #REDIRECT [[:Category:Category_Name]] - as above but redirects links to a category page.
    • As category pages cannot be "moved" then this can be entered manually to have an existing category page redirect to another category page. Note that, this can also be used to have links to a normal page redirected to a category page.
    • Note: Don't forget to add the first colon (i.e., ":") in front of the word "Category", otherwise the page won't just redirect to the desired category page, but will also be listed on it.

Making Lists

Bullet Points

Bullet points are made by using an asterisk, represented by *. Using more than one indents the bullet point.

* Dark Falz
*** Demise
* Drops
** Rares


  • Dark Falz
    • Apprentice
      • Demise
  • Drops
    • Rares

Numbered List

Number signs, represented by #, can create easy to use lists on pages.

# example1
# example2
# example3


  1. example1
  2. example2
  3. example3

Halting Wiki Code

<nowiki>code</nowiki> removes the wiki code, so the text will just appear as text.

Wiki Table Tips

Table Template

{| class="wikitable table-responsive-md"
! Column1 Name !! Column2 Name !! Column3 Name
| 1a || 2a || 3a
| 1b || 2b || 3b


Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b

Sortable Table Template

{| class="wikitable sortable table-responsive-md"
! Column1 Name !! Column2 Name !! Column3 Name
| 1a || 2a || 3a
| 1b || 2b || 3b


Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b

Overlapping Rows Table

{| class="wikitable table-responsive-md"
! Column1 Name !! Column2 Name !! Column3 Name
| 1a || 2a || rowspan="2" | 3
| 1b || 2b ||


Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a 3
1b 2b

Overlapping Columns Table

{| class="wikitable table-responsive-md"
! Column1 Name
! Column2 Name
! Column3 Name
| 1a || colspan="2"| 2a and 3a
| 1b || 2b || 3b


Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a and 3a
1b 2b 3b


{| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed table-responsive-md"
! width=400 | title


Simple collapsible table