-- Navbox Module -- -- * Fully CSS styled (inline styles possible but not default) -- * Supports unlimited rows -- -- By User:Tjcool007 from layton.fandom.com

local p = {}

local args = {} -- Arguments passed to template local navbox -- Actual navbox

--local working = {} local rownums, skiprows = {}, {} local hasrows, alt, hasData, isChild = false, false, false, false local activeSection, sections, cimage, cimageleft local colspan, rowspan

local showText, hideText = 'Show', 'Hide'

local langCode = mw.getContentLanguage():getCode() local localization = {} --localized strings table localization['en'] = {show = 'Show', hide = 'Hide'} localization['bn'] = {show = 'দেখান', hide = 'লুকান'} localization['es'] = {show = 'Mostrar', hide = 'Ocultar'} localization['hi'] = {show = 'दिखाएँ', hide = 'छिपाएँ'} localization['ru'] = {show = 'показать', hide = 'скрыть'} localization['zh'] = {show = '显示', hide = '隐藏'} if localization[langCode] then

   showText = localization[langCode]['show']
   hideText = localization[langCode]['hide']


-- Title

--- Processes the VDE links in the title -- -- @param titlecell The table cell of the title local function processVde( titlecell ) if not args.template then return end

titlecell:wikitext('' .. mw.getCurrentFrame():expandTemplate({ title = 'vdelinks', args = { args.template, ['type'] = 'navbox' } }) .. '') end

--- Processes the main title row local function processTitle() local titlerow = mw.html.create('tr'):addClass('navbox-title') local titlecell = mw.html.create('th'):attr('colspan',colspan):attr('scope','col')

if not pcall( processVde, titlecell ) then titlecell:wikitext( '!!!' ) end

titlecell:wikitext( args.title or '{{{title}}}' )

-- Padding local hasTemplate = args.template ~= nil local hasState = not args.state or args.state ~= 'plain'

if hasTemplate ~= hasState then if hasTemplate then titlecell:addClass('navbox-title-padright') else titlecell:addClass('navbox-title-padleft') end end

if args.titleclass then titlerow:addClass( args.titleclass ) end if args.titlestyle then titlecell:cssText( args.titlestyle ) end

titlerow:node(titlecell) navbox:node(titlerow) end

local function _addGutter( parent, incRowspan ) parent:tag('tr'):addClass('navbox-gutter'):tag('td'):attr('colspan',2)

if incRowspan then rowspan = rowspan + 1 end end

-- Above/Below

--- Processes the above and below rows -- -- @param rowtype Either 'above' or 'below' local function processAboveBelow( rowtype ) if not args[rowtype] then return end

local abrow = mw.html.create('tr'):addClass('navbox-'..rowtype) local abcell = mw.html.create('td'):attr('colspan',colspan):wikitext( args[rowtype] )

if args[rowtype .. 'class'] then abrow:addClass( args[rowtype .. 'class'] ) end if args[rowtype .. 'style'] then abcell:cssText( args[rowtype .. 'style'] ) end

abrow:node( abcell ) _addGutter( navbox ) navbox:node( abrow ) end

-- Main Rows

--- Processes the images local function _processImage(row, imgtype) if not args[imgtype] then return end

local iclass = imgtype == 'image' and 'navbox-image-right' or 'navbox-image-left'

local imagecell = mw.html.create('td'):addClass('navbox-image'):addClass(iclass)

local image = args[imgtype] if image:sub(1,1) ~= '[' then local width = args[imgtype .. 'width'] or '100px' imagecell:css('width',width):wikitext('['..'[' .. image .. '|' .. width .. '|link=' .. (args[imgtype .. 'link'] or ) .. ']]') else imagecell:css('width','0%'):wikitext(image) end

if args[imgtype .. 'class'] then imagecell:addClass( args[imgtype .. 'class'] ) end if args[imgtype .. 'style'] then imagecell:cssText( args[imgtype .. 'style'] ) end

row:node( imagecell ) if imgtype == 'image' then cimage = imagecell else cimageleft = imagecell end end

--- Closes the currently active section (if any) local function _closeCurrentSection() if not activeSection then return end

local row = mw.html.create('tr'):addClass('navbox-section-row') local cell = mw.html.create('td'):attr('colspan',2)

if not hasrows then _processImage(row,'imageleft') end

cell:node(sections[activeSection]) row:node(cell)

local firstRow = false if not hasrows then firstRow = true hasrows = true _processImage(row,'image') end

_addGutter(navbox,not firstRow) navbox:node(row) rowspan = rowspan + 1

activeSection = false hasData = false end

--- Handles alternating rows -- -- @return Alternatingly returns true or false. Always returns false if alternating rows -- are disabled with "alternaterows = no" local function _alternateRow() if args.alternaterows == 'no' then return false end if alt then alt = false return true else alt = true return false end end

--- Process a single Header "row" -- -- @param num Number of the row to be processed local function processHeader(num) if not args['header'..num] then return end


local subtable = mw.html.create('table'):addClass('navbox-section') local headerrow = mw.html.create('tr') local header = mw.html.create('th'):addClass('navbox-header'):attr('colspan',2):attr('scope','col'):wikitext( args['header'..num] )

local collapseme = args['state'..num] or false local state = false

if collapseme then -- Look at this one if collapseme ~= 'plain' then state = collapseme == 'expanded' and 'expanded' or 'collapsed' end else -- Look at default local collapseall = args.defaultstate or false if collapseall then state = collapseall == 'expanded' and 'expanded' or 'collapsed' end end

if state then subtable:addClass('mw-collapsible'):attr('data-expandtext',args['expandtext'..num] or args['defaultexpandtext'] or showText):attr('data-collapsetext',args['collapsetext'..num] or args['defaultcollapsetext'] or hideText) if state == 'collapsed' then subtable:addClass('mw-collapsed') end header:addClass('navbox-header-collapsible') end

if args.headerclass then headerrow:addClass( args.headerclass ) end if args.headerstyle then header:cssText( args.headerstyle ) end

headerrow:node(header) subtable:node(headerrow)

sections[num] = subtable activeSection = num end

--- Processes a single list row -- -- @param num Number of the row to be processed local function processList(num) if not args['list'..num] then return end

local row = mw.html.create('tr'):addClass('navbox-row')

if not hasrows and not activeSection then _processImage(row, 'imageleft') end

local listcell = mw.html.create('td'):addClass('navbox-list') local hlistcell = listcell:tag('div'):addClass('hlist')

local data = args['list'..num]

if data:sub(1,1) == '*' then -- Add newlines to support lists properly hlistcell :newline() :wikitext( data ) :newline() else hlistcell:wikitext( data ) end

local altRow = _alternateRow() if altRow then row:addClass( args.altrowclass or 'alt' )

local listclass = args.altlistclass or args.listclass or false if listclass then listcell:addClass( listclass ) end

local liststyle = args.altliststyle or args.liststyle or false if liststyle then listcell:cssText( liststyle ) end else if args.rowclass then row:addClass( args.rowclass ) end if args.listclass then listcell:addClass( args.listclass ) end if args.liststyle then listcell:cssText( args.liststyle ) end end

if args['group'..num] then local groupcell = mw.html.create('th'):addClass('navbox-group'):attr('scope','row'):wikitext( args['group'..num] )

if altRow then local groupclass = args.altgroupclass or args.groupclass or false if groupclass then groupcell:addClass( groupclass ) end

local groupstyle = args.altgroupstyle or args.groupstyle or false if groupstyle then groupcell:cssText( groupstyle ) end else if args.groupclass then groupcell:addClass( args.groupclass ) end if args.groupstyle then groupcell:cssText( args.groupstyle ) end end

row:node( groupcell ) else listcell:attr('colspan',2):addClass('no-group') end

row:node( listcell )

local firstRow = false if not hasrows and not activeSection then firstRow = true hasrows = true _processImage(row, 'image') end

if activeSection then local parent = sections[activeSection] if not isChild or not firstRow then _addGutter(parent) end parent:node(row) hasData = true else if not isChild or not firstRow then _addGutter(navbox,not firstRow) end navbox:node( row ) rowspan = rowspan + 1 end end

--- Processes all rows local function processRows() sections = {} for i=1,#rownums do local num = rownums[i] if not skiprows[num] then processHeader(num) processList(num) end end _closeCurrentSection()

if cimageleft then cimageleft:attr('rowspan',rowspan) end if cimage then cimage:attr('rowspan',rowspan) end end

-- ARGUMENTS PREPROCESSOR -- * Extracts arguments from frame and stores them in args table -- * At the same time, checks for valid row numbers

--- Preprocessor for the arguments. -- Will fill up the args table with the parameters from the frame grouped by their type. -- -- @param frame The frame passed to the Module. local function preProcessArgs(frame) local tmp = {}

if frame == mw.getCurrentFrame() then tmp = frame:getParent().args else tmp = frame end

-- Storage tables local nums = {}

-- Loop over all the args for k,v in pairs(tmp) do -- Skip empty args, which are useless if v ~= then local cat,num = tostring(k):match('^(%a+)([1-9]%d*)$')

if cat == 'header' or cat == 'list' then nums[num] = true end

args[k] = v -- Simple copy end end

colspan = args.image and 3 or 2 if args.imageleft then colspan = colspan + 1 end rowspan = 0

if args.alternaterows == 'swap' then alt = true end

for k, v in pairs(nums) do rownums[#rownums+1] = tonumber(k) end


-- Calculate skip rows local cSection, cSkip local showall = args.showall for i=1,#rownums do local num = rownums[i] if args['header'..num] then cSection = true cSkip = false local showme = args['show'..num] if showme == 'no' then cSkip = true elseif showme == 'auto' or (showme ~= 'yes' and showall ~= 'yes') then if not args['list'..num] then local nextNum = rownums[i+1] cSkip = not nextNum or args['header'..nextNum] -- If next has a header -> skip end end end if cSection and cSkip then skiprows[num] = true end end end


--- Processes the arguments to create the navbox. -- -- @return A string with HTML that is the navbox. local function _navbox() -- Create the root HTML element local trim = function(s) return s and mw.ustring.gsub(s, "^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1") or end local border = args.border or trim(args[1]) or isChild = (border == 'child' or border == 'subgroup')

if isChild then navbox = mw.html.create('table'):addClass('navbox-subgroup') else navbox = mw.html.create('table'):addClass('navbox')

if args.state ~= 'plain' then navbox:addClass('mw-collapsible'):attr('data-expandtext',args['expandtext'] or args['defaultexpandtext'] or showText):attr('data-collapsetext',args['collapsetext'] or args['defaultcollapsetext'] or hideText) if args.state == 'collapsed' then navbox:addClass('mw-collapsed') end end end

	if args.bodyclass then navbox:addClass(args.bodyclass) end

if args.bodystyle then navbox:cssText(args.bodystyle) end

-- Process... if not isChild then processTitle() processAboveBelow('above') processRows() processAboveBelow('below')

return tostring(navbox) else processRows()

local wrapper = mw.html.create() wrapper:wikitext('</div>') wrapper:node(navbox)


return tostring(wrapper) end end

--- Main module entry point. -- To be called with {{#invoke:navbox|main}} or directly from another module. -- -- @param frame The frame passed to the module via the #invoke. If called from another -- module directly, this should be a table with the parameter definition. function p.main(frame) -- Save the arguments in a local variable so other functions can use them. preProcessArgs(frame)

return _navbox() end

return p