Elite Training: Madness & Phantasms
Quest Type Extreme Quests
Extreme Level 80 and up
-Quest Details-
Location ARKS Ship
Single/Multi-Party UISoloParty.png Solo Quests
Party Invitation Not Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
-Conditions For Acceptance-
Extreme Main ClassLevel 80 and up
Payment of 1 Extreme Pass is required at the Gateway Ship.
Time Limit None
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Conquer all five stages!

Quest Description

This is a special training program for operatives possessing a suitable skill set. In order to sharpen your ability to make split-second, accurate judgements, you are required to complete the program alone. Note that since this is a highly dangerous training program, you will need an Extreme Pass.

Use of Dark Blast, Scape Doll or Half Scape Doll is prohibited. You will fail this quest if you become incapacitated.

Additional Info

  • On top of the claimable Extreme Pass every 22 hours, you can get Extreme Passes from campaign rewards, bingo rewards, or from the EX-Cube Exchange Shop.
  • You must complete all 5 stages for rewards and completion progress, consuming an Extreme Pass each time you attempt the quest.
  • There are only 5 stages to this Extreme Quest.
  • Abilities, Potentials and similar abilities that prevent incapacitation such as Iron Will are permitted and take effect.
    • The Mag Trigger Action "Support / Revive A" revives you after incapacitation, and you will fail the quest even if this effect triggers.


Stage Enemies (Lv. 80) Stage Order Resistance Notes
1 Deus Hyunas Don't take damage for 60 seconds! Healing Dampening comes in roughly 70 seconds after the fight starts, with one cumulative time switch.
2 Aratron Femt
3x Wolguarda
Defeat 2 Enemies, while they are afflicted with status ailments, within 180 seconds SwordKnucklesKatanaSoaring BladesLauncherTwin MachinegunsRodWand
3 Fiend Phaleg No recovery effects for 999s Wired LanceDouble SaberRifleBowTalisJet Boots
Unlike in the Side Story Quest, you are not subject to a healing reduction. However, healing will fail the Stage Order.
At a certain threshold, Phaleg will gain immunity to the weapon or technique element that she has taken the most damage from.
Ground Hazard test will be in play.
4 Replica of Apprentice
Falz Angel
Chrome Dragon
Defeat 1 Chrome Dragon within 5 Minutes PartisanKnucklesGunbladeKatanaSoaring BladesLauncherTwin MachinegunsRodTalis
You will be fighting all three enemies simultaneously.
Additional enemies can be summoned by the three bosses, and must also be defeated to clear the stage.
5 Omega Hyunal Break one enemy part! SwordDaggersLauncherTwin MachinegunsBowTalisWandJet Boots