Special Mission: Tokyo (Rainbow)
Quest Type Bonus Quest
Normal Level 1 and up
Quest Details
Location Tokyo
Single/Multi-Party UISoloParty.png Solo Quests
Party Invitation Not Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Normal No Level Restrictions
Item Required Tokyo Bonus Key: Rainbow
Time Limit 00:10:00
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Repel all enemies!

Quest Description

We have isolated a number of hostiles in the city of Tokyo within a designated buffer zone.
Additionally, the enemies power has been attenuated inside the buffer zone, so we advise immediate engagement during this window of opportunity.
Proceed to the designated site and repel all enemies.


Additional Info

  • Participation in a Bonus Quest is blocked within the Gateway Ship by a gate like those appearing in Advance Quests or Time Attack Quests. To participate, a player needs to have the corresponding Bonus Key in their inventory and move towards the gate. Upon acceptance, the key is immediately consumed, and the gate will open after a countdown. Should a player be forced out of the quest (disconnects, abandon quest...), then the Bonus Key will not be refunded.
  • Enemies scale with the Main Class Main Class up to level 80.

Drop Info

Category Item Name Notes
15 Dusk Series
Partisan Randedor Dusk

Double Saber Tollbion Dusk
Katana Lepshtain Dusk
Gunblade Bayonect Dusk
Rifle Aproth Dusk
Twin Machineguns Geamorta Dusk
Rod Talishanthe Dusk
Wand Kwadarca Dusk
Jet Boots Teapatera Dusk
Harmonizer Millioraj Dusk

15 Oblisana Series
Sword Oblisana Wucht

Launcher Oblisana Fersa
Talis Oblisana Walze

(Main Class Level 80+)
14 Zara Series
Sword Ceres Fouls-Zara

Wired Lance Ceres Aggrator-Zara
Partisan Ceres Kronis-Zara
Daggers Ceres Austelph-Zara
Double Saber Ceres Aphaceros-Zara
Knuckles Ceres Fasonte-Zara
Katana Ceres Dasauro-Zara
Soaring Blades Ceres Spiradon-Zara
Gunblade Ceres Lavere-Zara
Rifle Ceres Ivatos-Zara
Launcher Ceres Fadrophs-Zara
Twin Machineguns Ceres Zeostiga-Zara
Bow Ceres Genonix-Zara
Rod Ceres Phonops-Zara
Talis Ceres Dictheus-Zara
Wand Ceres Ignatos-Zara
Jet Boots Ceres Necrus-Zara
Harmonizer Ceres Sycophus-Zara

13 Union Series
Sword Union Sword

Wired Lance Union Lance
Partisan Union Partisan
Daggers Union Twin Daggers
Double Saber Union Double Saber
Knuckles Union Knuckles
Katana Union Katana
Soaring Blades Union Soaring Blades
Gunblade Union Gunblade
Rifle Union Rifle
Launcher Union Launcher
Twin Machineguns Union Twin Machine Guns
Bow Union Bow
Rod Union Rod
Talis Union Talis
Wand Union Wand
Jet Boots Union Jet Boots

Units Back Unit13 Back / Schvelle Kibbs

Arm Unit13 Arms / Schvelle Rift
Leg Unit13 Legs / Schvelle Cerbe
Back Unit12 Back / Zara Ceratops
Arm Unit12 Arms / Zara Arloon
Leg Unit12 Legs / Zara Maunia

Weapon Camos 13Weapon Camo * Alchemic Genesis -
Eggs 14 Egg All Species -
Sweets 13 Sweets Super Critical Parfait

13 Sweets Super Tainted Parfait
13 Sweets Super Energy Parfait
13 Sweets Super Stuffed Parfait
7 Sweets Triple Stack Pancake

(Main Class Summoner required)
Other Meseta 2,000,000 ⁽¹⁾

10 Pass Enhance Cap +1
10 Tool Class EX-Cube x0-6
10 Tool EX-Cube x0-32
10 Tool Augment Transfer Pass x5 ⁽¹⁾
8 Material Rising Weapon Badge 5 x100 ⁽¹⁾
7 Material Ultimate Booster x0-3

Additional Information
  • ⁽¹⁾ Guaranteed drop.
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