Item Enhancement

Equipment Enhancing

Enhancing NGS weapons and armor Units can be done through the Item Lab in Central City. Every equipment you use to enhance another piece of equipment will cost you one N-Grinder and an amount of N-Meseta based on the rarity of the item being enhanced.
Enhancement can not go beyond certain points for equipment without Limit Breaking based on the item's rarity. The starting limit is at +10 for 1, +20 for 2, +30 for 3 and +40 for 4.
Enhancing equipment will not risk any failure.

Enhance Value EXP Required
1 2 3 4
Total (0 → +10) 1,000 1,500 2,500 3,500
Total (+10 → +20) 2,000 3,000 5,000 7,000
Total (+20 → +30) 3,000 4,500 7,500 10,500
Total (+30 → +40) 4,000 6,000 10,000 14,000
Grand Total 10,000 15,000 25,000 35,000

Limit Breaking

The Enhancement Limit is the maximum level that a weapon or armor can be enhanced to. It is displayed on tab 2 of a unit's Item Details window, e.g. "Enh Lv. /0 (30 Maximum)", with 30 being the Enhancement Limit.

For all weapons and units the maximum Enhancement Limit is currently 40.

The Enhancement Limit of a Weapon or Unit can be raised by Limit Breaking it in the Item Lab at the cost of materials and N-Meseta. Each Limit Break increases the Enhancement Limit by 10.

Rarity 1 2 3 4
Base Limit 10 20 30 40
Limit Break Cost for 20 10,000 N-Meseta
10 Mononite
- - -
Limit Break Cost for 30 20,000 N-Meseta
10 Dualomite
30,000 N-Meseta
20 Dualomite
- -
Limit Break Cost for 40 30,000 N-Meseta
10 Trinite
45,000 N-Meseta
20 Trinite
120,000 N-Meseta
30 Trinite

EXP Value Overview of Fodders

Rarity Base EXP Same Item EXP Base N-Meseta Cost*
1 100 50 1,000
2 200 100 2,000
3 350 175 3,000
4 600 300 4,000
  • Base Cost is the the cost associated with the base equipment. If you are enhancing a 2 item, you will pay 2000 N-Meseta regardless of the fodders rarity.
  • The Same Item bonus is applied when enhancing a unit with a unit of the same name. It is a +50% bonus that applies to the final EXP total after Base EXP, Enhancement EXP and Affix EXP.
  • The EXP given by material items is the total EXP that it took to Enhance it to that level. For example, a 1 weapon at +10, the EXP that it would give as a fodder would be the EXP it took to Enhance it to 10, which is 1000, divided by 2; along with the base EXP value, the fodder would give a total of 600 EXP.
  • Silver Primm Sword and Gold Primm Sword have a built in Ability (NGS) Esperio I / II Augment that provides extra EXP when used as fodder, gives 600 / 800 EXP in total. The Esperio EXP bonus applies before the same item bonus making them give 900 / 1200 EXP currently when used in same type enhancement.
  • There is a chance to receive a Great Success while enhancing, granting 2x more EXP.


Ability (NGS) Affix Augments (NGS) Ability (NGS) List of Augments (NGS) Ability (NGS) PSO2 Augment Conversion

Also known as Abilities, Augments are like enchantments that can be added to Weapons and Units to increase their damage, increase max HP & PP and grant other useful effects.

In New Genesis, Augments are now added to equipment by using Augment Capsules. When using one copy of a Augment Capsule on its own, the Augment from that capsule will have a very low chance of successfully affixing to the equipment, however if multiple copies of the same capsule are used, you can improve the success rate for that Augment.

For example, to add the "Ability (NGS) Forms Soul I" Augment to a weapon, using one "Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Forms Soul I" capsule will give it a 9% chance of succeeding, but using 10 of the capsule, and the chance to successfully affix to the weapon increases to 90%.

Equipment comes with an Augment limit cap that determines how many different Augments can be affixed to that piece of equipment. So far, weapons and units have only been seen with a cap of 2 Augments. A 3rd slot can be adding by Grinding the equipment to +20 and a 4th slot by Grinding to +40.

Multiple Augments can be affixed at the same time in all of the slots available.

A list of these Augments can be found at the List of Augments page.

PSO2 Augments

When importing equipment with Augments or S Grade Augments from Phantasy Star Online 2, they will be replaced by Legaro Augments of corresponding value while in New Genesis. These changes are temporary and the original abilities will remain upon returning to Phantasy Star Online 2. A list of what augments convert to what on the PSO2 Augment Conversion page.


Weapons have inherent properties called Potentials which can be considered as an additional skill for the player, so long as the weapon is equipped and drawn out; they range from damage buffs, to utility skills like improving healing items. These must be unlocked on each of your weapons by using Photon Chunks and N-Meseta.

PSO2 Weapon Potentials

New Type weapons imported from Phantasy Star Online 2 that have unlocked Potentials will have their Potentials converted into equivalent New Genesis Potentials. These changes are temporary and the original Potentials will remain upon returning to Phantasy Star Online 2.

Original Series NGS Potential
15 Lightweave Klauz Series NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Assault Unit
15 Fluxio Series
15 Rinser Series
NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Infalliable Unit
15 Steel Series NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Sturdy Unit
15 Adell Series
15 Ceiroth Series
15 Finble Series
NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Lucky Unit
15 Rivelate Series
15 Oblisana Series
15 Darkweave Agile Series
15 Puras Series
15 Shaval Series
15 Anacates Series
15 Genon Series
15 Pride Series
15 Orb Series
15 Dusk Series
15 Million Series
15 Croesus Series
15 Nova Series
15 Legacy Weapon Series
Other Weapons
NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Inversion Unit
15 Trailblazer Xion Series NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Spirit Surge Unit
15 Atlas EX Series NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Endurance Unit
15 Ophistia Series NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Wellspring Unit
Any 13 to 14 Weapon NGSUIItemPotentialAbility.png Basic Attack Unit III


You can combine two weapons of different types together to create a "Multi-weapon", a special weapon that allows for the use of both weapons from one weapon palette. This includes using the normal attacks, Photon Arts, Weapon Actions, and class equip requirements of both weapons.

In order to combine weapons, they must be of the same 'series'. For example, while you are able to combine a "Sword (NGS) Theseus Sword" and "Rifle (NGS) Theseus Rifle" together, you cannot combine a "Sword (NGS) Theseus Sword" with a "Knuckles (NGS) Trois De Knuckles".

The process of creating a multi-weapon cannot be reversed to return the weapons used to their original state.